Sunday, May 8, 2011

Now they are ONE!!

Last Friday (as in over a week ago) it was our precious babies First Birthday!!
To say I was excited was a massive understatement!! But I must admit, the emotions were running high, even going to bed the night before. A huge mix of different emotions and the feeling was ironic. Nothing like when Stella turned one!! We were just as excited, proud and joyous, however , when we sat down to wrap the presents, I sat and remembered what I had been feeling just 12 months before.
I remembered how nervous I was , as I packed the last few things into my hospital bag and got ready for my last sleep at home for a week, my last sleep at home as a family of 3, the last nights sleep of being so completely uncomfortable and in pain, and really, the last nights sleep for a while !! haha
I didn't get much sleep the night before , and even though Noel was snoring a fair bit, I don't think he did really either. How could you? Life as we knew it was about to change!! We were heading into a scheduled Ceasarean Section, with a fantastic surgeon and experienced Doctor at delivering twins, but there were still risks involved. As there always is. But we had 2 babies to worry about aswell.
Were they going to be ok?
Was my Gestational Diabetes going to cause any hassles?
Were they going to be the sex's we were told they were?
Were they going to be good weights and sizes?
Were they going to have difficulty breathing, feeding and be healthy?
All the normal things expectant mothers are thinking and so, so much more.
I don't think any of the twin stuff had really hit me until that night and the next morning.
As we said our goodbyes to our little girl, only 2 years old , and still our baby, and to my Mum who was taking care of her whilst we were "busy" , and drove the car out of the driveway, my eyes welled up and Noel and I just looked at each other.
What a different trip to the hospital than the last time we went to have a baby! Last time , with Stella, I was in labour and we managed to get every red light there was on the way there!! We didn't have time to think and everything was so exciting, and energised.
This time, we didn't speak a word.
The hospital was quiet, everyone still in bed ,as we had to be there at 6:30am. And then the preparations for surgery begun. In a few short hours, we were to meet the two little angels that had been inhabitating my tummy for the last 8 1/2 months. The one that moved liked crazy all the time and liked to scrape around with his foot (Max) and the one that liked to sleep and got pushed around and kicked by her brother (Lacey).

I am going to share a few photos with you that have never really seen the light of day!! Why you say? I am not really a fan of the not so glamourous C-Sect photos, especially my own, and to be honest, I hadn't even seen them myself until the twins were 8 months old. They were on our Point and shoot camera, and I hadn't plugged it into the computer for such a long time!!
Warning: they are not nice, they are not pretty but they tell a story that I can not, and they still bring a tear to my eye every time I see them!

Look at that tummy!! HUGE!! About to head into surgery!

Sorry Max!! Not very descrete, but this is his first photo, he came out too quick for the nurse to get a good shot!!

  • Lacey making her entrance! Sorry about the gore, only just noticed it really. Good education for those that haven't had a C-sect

Precious Lacey Amelia

Meeting our 2 beautiful babies

The proudest Dad around, they look sooo tiny in his arms!

And there they are. Delightful

I honestly feel honoured to be blessed with carrying twins. The experience was amazing, feeling them grow and kick inside my tummy was bizarre and remarkable at the same time. Being about to nuture and love 2 precious bundles at the same time , truely lucky.
I often wondered when pregnant with them, how the love I had for Stella, which was so strong, a ture mothers adoring love, could stretch for another child, let alone 2, yet, within an instant of their birth, I loved them too! More than anyone could ever explain.

So on this very special day, Mothers Day, I contemplate my love for my children. Unconditional, obsessive and complete adoration for the little beings we have created. It is truely the BEST job in the world, and I am so lucky to have 3 of the most gorgeous children, and have been blessed with this wonderful job of motherhood!!
I hope all the Mothers out there had a fantastic day, spent time with loved ones and took time out to reflect on the reason why this day is celebrated, how lucky are we?!

And now they are 12 beautiful months old, and loving Easter Eggs on our camping trip!!


  1. Oh Liz that was beautiful.... and I do agree you and Noel are so so so lucky to have had twins cccc

  2. Aaaw, they're so cute. I can't believe they are one already! How's the new one marinating?

  3. Well I think they are beautiful, precious photos liz. A lovely post and OMG I just saw your previous post about the new bubba! WOW! Congratulations to your little family.


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