Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween crafting

Over the weekend, we set to creating some Halloween themed crafts.

We started by making some 'Cotton wool Ghosts", with inspiration from Pinterest of course!
See below

Pinned Image

It was really easy and I didn't need to buy any supplies , win win really.

The kids glued the cotton balls all over a small paper plate. Then glued on some black eyes and mouth that I had precut from Crepe paper. A hole through the top and a piece of string to hang it with and a few strands of white crepe paper (or you could cut up a white plastic bag into strips) and there you have a spooooooky ghost!

We also made a few Contact pieces , using some Halloween themed confetti that I found in the $2 Shop the other day. It was $2 for the pack and can be used for anything!

A piece of contact in the shape you desire (we did a bat, skull and pumpkin) and then the kids stuck all the relevant confetti pieces over the top.

When finished, line the shape with a large piece of contact and cut around it.
We also used this method to create Hearts for Valentines Day HERE,  with Fish HERE and for our Yellow theme HERE.

Simple stained glass window art.

And the Ghosts now take pride of place , scattered around the house.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Planning for a Party

I am madly in the throws of planning Master Angus' first birthday bash , with a little over a week to go until the big party day.
I have a busy coming week and few weekends, with lots of appointments, a bit of working for me and my 10 year High school reunion (I know!!).

I DO love to throw a good party, and I also love to put a lot of heart and soul into the decorations and theme, but sometimes you just need a helping hand.
And this time, I have found the perfect person for that, and help she did!! ( Why has it taken me so long to discover this service I don't know!!).

                                       Life's Little Celebrations

When mentioning on a blog post my ideas and theme for Angus' first birthday and knowing how busy life is for me, the gorgeous Tanya from Life's Little Celebrations kindly offered to help out and compile an "Ideas and Inspiration Board" . So basically, all the searching and googling and browsing online stores and looking for the right colour this , and the right size that, she did is ALL for me!
Not only did she create these gorgeous Boards but also sent me links for sites to purchase from and blogs/websites to see other parties similar.
The information she sent was invaluable and the time it spared me .... well priceless.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Products Board

Decorating Ideas

Tables Board

Pretty gorgeous huh? And all links are at the click of the mouse.
Tanya offers such an amazing service, and its all tailor made to your requirements and how you want to plan your party.
You may want ideas on how to decorate and arrange your food table. You may want links and ideas for all products that can be purchased to make your life easier. However you want it, is what Tanya can do.
I can not tell you enough how easy these boards and the information has been for me! Even though I haven't purchased much that is on them, I can see so much that I already had and could re purpose, knew what to look out for at our cheapo shops etc to save money and wrote myself a big old list for the "To Do's" for the next week.

You too could have your next party made easier, make sure you contact Tanya at Life's Little Celebrations

and be sure to check out their facebook page HERE

Meanwhile, I am off to peruse the net, start on my TO DO list and use up all these wonderful ideas.
I love how I can see it all , in pictures , in front of me.
It keeps me focused on the finish product.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Halloween House

After loading some photos onto Instagram of our Spooky Halloween buffet display, I was asked by a number of people where I sourced all our little decos from.
Truth be told, I like to collect things over time. Pick up a bit from here, a nifty thing from there and pop it into the relevant box in the Garage , so that when the times comes, voila... super cool decorations.

I know that Halloween isn't an Australian tradition, but I do love it. And any excuse to do a seasonal display! Am I right?! However , since our darling Angus was born , on the 31st October last year, it has taken some of the shine off Halloween.
 I know in years to come he will be thrilled to bits to have a Halloween themed 18th or his mates over to scare the hell out of the Trick or Treaters that visit but for now, it seems bizarre while he is so little.
Needless to say I didn't really get into the Halloween spirit until just the other day (plus we are having home opens and it may scare off potential buyers but what the hell! You can't stop your life , right?!)
And now that it is all up, I am LOVING it! And so are the kids and visitors to our home.

This years display ;

The treat baskets are sitting on the end of the buffet. (Black ones were Spotlight from last year and the large Pumpkin I picked up at Big W when I was in Perth a few weeks ago)

Fake Cobwebs over the mirror and buffet (from Crazy Clarkes or most discount shops)

A few framed printables (links in last years Halloween post , link to that is down the bottom) , some plastic pumpkins (Red Dot) and some cute little paper mache baskets (Pottery Barn on clearance from last year )

I also used an old Ikea wire tree to hang some gorgeous Pottery Barn baskets.

Another little something small that I bought in Perth on my girls trip a few weeks ago , are these window decals. Can you spy them on the french door ? (up and out of little fingers reach)

The pack of 6 was just $1 at Big W and I so wish I had of bought more, they are so cute!

We have had our 2 Halloween books on permanent rotation for reading each night. They seem to be hard to come by in Australia but we do have this cute and rhyming Golden book .

And I found this adorable pop up book at Big W ( I think it was around $8) while I was in the big smoke.

The pop up pages are so gorgeous and the little story is cute too, not at all scary for kids!

Do you get into Halloween?
Our kids are loving it , it mixes up life a bit and because we live in a new estate, Trick or Treaters are quite common and its becoming more popular. I will share some easy and quick crafts that we have done over the next few days too!
So why not get in the spooky spirit too?!

To see our Halloween posts from last year (can't believe how little our kiddos were!) HERE and HERE

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review- Funky Elephant Trunks

Today I wanted to share with you something that has made our week so much fun!
If you have been a follower of my blog for some time, you would know that I love to craft with our kiddos, and they like to do it just as much. However lately, life has been busy, frantic even, and I have really struggled to find the time (and energy) to organise supplies and conjure up craft ideas.

That is where this fantastic company comes in to the equation!

The clever people at Funky Elephant have developed a subscription based 'Craft Trunk' filled with 3 - 4 activities that you can complete at your own leisure.
The trunks (cute little boxes) are aimed at children aged 3-7 (but our twins loved the crafts and they are 2 ) and have everything, and I mean everything, that you need to complete the crafts , with Step by Step illustrated instructions. Each craft activity comes with its own little booklet, with a list of supplies (all supplied and waiting in your trunk) that you will need to complete the tasks.
Subscriptions for these cool trunks can be purchased 2,6 and 12 monthly, and they get delivered right to your door!! Crafting could not have been made easier!

We were lucky enough to receive one of these trunks (which is perfect for one child, or to share with your children like we did ,you can purchase additional supplies for more kids) to have a play with.
It was so nice to get back into crafting, and I think the kids missed it more than I did!
Every few days I would just check the box, grab our instructions and supplies and enjoy having a play with the kids.

Each month the trunks activities are all based around a them and our trunks theme was 'Garden' .

We decorated a few gorgeous little pots with stickers and foams, then made pipe cleaner flowers to adorn them, pieced together some bees and caterpillars and also planted our own little seeds, and have been observing them change over the last few days.

See how much fun the kids had?!

Supplies all ready for our Planting project, even down to the pencil and labels.

Ta-Da!! There they are, soaking up the sunlight on our kitchen window. We have been tracking the seeds progress and the kids are having a ball learning about the growth process of our food!

The kiddos are so proud of their efforts and so am I !! And whats better than happy kids? A happy Mum of course!!
And why wouldn't I be happy? The kids have made some goodies, we have had fun crafting together and I have not had the stress and hassle of organising the supplies and activity , all from the comfort of my own home!

If you would love to craft with your kids, but lack time and motivation ( or even crafty skills) then these trunks are perfect for you!! Or perhaps for a Christmas or Birthday gift for your niece, nephew. A gift that keeps on giving!

The gorgeous ladies at Funky Elephant have been so kind as to offer Bizzy Dayz readers some amazing discounts when subscribing to receive trunks!

 You can receive - $5.00 off the 2 months subscription or $10.00 off the 6 month subscription when using the codes below .
Why not take advantage of this opportunity and order your subscription!

The discount codes are valid until 30 November 2012.
 Simply enter the codes at the checkout phase of your subscription
Code - LIZ5 - $5.00 off 2 month subscription


Code - LIZ10 - $10 off 6 month subscription
Go ahead, subscribe!

Perfect timing to complete some Festive shopping, even making sure the long Summer Holidays are going to be filled with lots of crafty stuff!
Please Note-  I was given one of these trunks to have a play with and review. I was not paid to write this review and all the opinions and facts are my own, and are only written with honesty.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A fairy visit

Exactly a week ago now, we had a special visit from a fairy to our home.
Not just any fairy mind you. A dummy fairy!!

Our dear little Max and Lacey are 2 1/2 now and still loved having a dummy for nap and night time sleeps. We had managed to wean them off wanting it all the time, or especially when tired/sooky/hurt etc by keeping their dummy and teddy (a rug with a small teddy attached) in a top kitchen cupboard.
Out of sight (and reach) , out of mind , and all that.
We had never intended on letting them have their dummies so often, but with a bad run of sickness around 6 months ago, a small comfort suck turned into a big , all day kinda thing.

Anyhooo, each to their own, but I don't like seeing kids talk through dummies, and really think that by their age, it was time to give them up.
Max's dummy had a hole in it and we refused to replace it. One day, actually last Monday, he walked in to me in the morning , and took it out to talk. I simply said that it was yucky now and that the dummy fairy needs to take it away.
Much to my surprise he said "I put it in the bin, the dummy fairy come now"
And that was that.
Lacey however , needed a bit more coaxing, as her dummy was still in tact, and although she seemed to be the one less reliant on it, she was in fact a bit more emotional about giving it away. Funny little people we have.

We like to explain it to the kids like this;
The dummy fairy comes at night (of their first night without one) and takes the dummy and gives it to a baby that needs it. She leaves a small present in exchange , for being such a generous little soul.
Their first day time sleep was relatively painless. Apart from taking longer to sleep and chatting away with each other, they never once cried out for it or asked for a dummy.

Nights have been good, but wake ups in the morning rather early. I suspect that when they used to wake early,they would search for their dummy and resettle for a little longer. But early mornings we can handle , we are just so proud of our little cherubs.

And now, the pictures tell a thousand words.

Their first sleep and the morning they woke to a special gift, from a special fairy.........

Oh how time flies.......

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party Planning Mode

Its no secret that I LOVE to plan and create gorgeous parties for our kiddos. However this party is definitely bitter sweet.
You see, this will be the last first Birthday party that I will plan for our family and cherubs.
Our little boy, will be one. ONE!!
I can not believe it!
Time has flown by , and it only feels like yesterday that I was packing hospital bags and trying to induce my labour.
Now he is a cheeky, adventurous and daring little boy , with a smile that melts my heart.

So , in celebration of his first birthday, I want to create a magical party , that not only looks gorgeous, but is fun and relaxed as well.

When brainstorming for ideas for Angus' party, I started with a colour scheme that I knew I wanted.
Seeing as though his Christening was only a few months ago ( see post HERE) I have a few things left over that I would like to reuse and a few things that were ordered for it but turned up late, so they will be put to good use too!
So starting with a Green and Blue colour scheme, I then had to decide on a theme.
To be honest, elephants was the first thing that sprung to mind but after a bit of thought , I was put off the idea. A good friend held the most gorgeous Elephant party for her little boy and I wanted to do something different.
Then my mind flicked to 'Hot air balloon' party but I have decided to save that for Max and Lacey's party next year, as I would love to use all the pastel colours for the decorations and its a perfect unisex party.

With my love for rabbits ( ok , maybe its an obsession) , rabbits were the next logical animal theme to choose , and that is how the Peter Rabbit theme came about. And the fact that he is our last baby, and he is a boy, it only seems fitting.

So... the theme is Peter Rabbit, with colours of Blue and Green and white.
That is when Pinterest becomes so handy. A mood board is created and lots of images and ideas are drummed up.
Here is what I am thinking;


Peter Rabbit Party for Peters Christening


A printable party pack has been purchased off etsy and the DIY crafting is about to commence.
Wish me luck!!

PS - I will definitely be sharing the party in a few posts for you after the date. x

Friday, October 12, 2012

Worry Dolls Australia and GIVEAWAY

I am so thrilled to be announcing a new sponsor to the blog, Worry Dolls Australia . A gorgeous online site that sell worry dolls from Guatemala, all ethically produced by a women's cooperative who support their families with the income they get as the result of selling their crafts.

There is a Mayan legend that states “When a person can not sleep well due to worries, they tell the worries to a worry doll. They then put the doll under their pillow and during the night the worry doll worries in the persons place, allowing them to sleep well and awake refreshed”.



When I was contacted by the gorgeous Ana from Worry Dolls, I was beyond delighted. I have had a set of worry dolls since I was a wee little kid. And I used to do just that. Tell them my worries, pop them under my pillow and feel all the more better when trying to go to sleep.
And to know they are going towards helping a family that needs food and water, well thats just good for the heart and soul! Every family should own a set!

But Worry Dolls Australia don't just sell the cute little dolls, but Mayan Jewellery for kids , Hacky Sacks and Mayan Beauty .


You can find Worry Dolls on facebook and on their website : HERE. They ship worldwide, with orders over $25 being for free!!
They make perfect little stocking fillers, incentive gifts for your kiddos ora gorgeous little idea for your sensitive soul child, or the little worry wort in your family .

And thanks to Worry Dolls I have 10 of these gorgeous Single Worry Dolls in a cute textile bag to GIVEAWAY!! Yes, 10 SETS!! So heaps more chances to win!


Entry for this Giveaway has been made easy for you, simply use the Rafflecopter below and like a facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions
This giveaway will be run on the Bizzy Dayz blog.

You MUST become a liker of the Worry Dolls In Australia facebook page.
To receive a Bonus point and entry, you can become a liker of the Bizzy Dayz facebook page, but this is not mandatory.

The giveaway will commence Friday 12th October at 12pm and finish on Monday 15th Ocotober at 12pm.  The winner will be announced on my Facebook page and also on this blog post within a few hours of competition closing.

This Rafflecopter device will randomly choose a winner from the entrants.

The winner has 3 days to contact and email me in regards to their prize or I reserve the right to redraw another.
Goodluck and thankyou to Worry Dolls for this gorgeous giveaway!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wrapping Station

The inside of cupboard doors are often overlooked when it comes to organising and space saving. Many are in areas that would be perfect to set up a "station" for something or an area of their home that has been an issue. For me , this was our Wrapping supplies and our odd shaped front 'Cloak Cupboard'.

At the front of our home, right inside the front door, we have this cupboard. It is an odd shape, sort of triangular and has just one shelf and a hanging rail. Obviously meant for a cloak and jacket cupboard, but seeing as though we live in the sunny mid west of Western Australia, this is not really needed. Instead it stores my vacuum cleaner, big seasonal items (as in Christmas items that are too tall for storages boxes and other cupboards) and also a few wrapping items.

Insert 'Wrapping Station' Idea!
I like to keep a large variety of wrapping goods and cards on hand all the time. I am terrible for forgetting a card and find it easier to do a pass purchase , for all different occasions/ages/genres etc and store them for the occasions throughout the year. Throw in a few handmade cards ( I use the left over of my Scrapbooking class kits to make cards ) and I have quite a few to store.
All our wrapping and gift goodies were stored in the buffet at our front door, pictured HERE, in the small draws at the top. One for cards, one for wraps , one for other nifty things , but I wasn't able to store large gift bags or the large rolls of wrap. This was an issue.

Until..... I saw this fantastic post from Cassandra on her blog Cassadiva (she has some really really great ideas and full of inspiration!) It was perfect for our little unused cupboard door and I was able to fit a lot more wrapping supplies in too !

As with my inner Pantry door makeover HERE, these baskets all came from Bunnings and are only a few dollars each. I tried to make the most of the door space , and also tried to make sure that if the kids did get into the cupboard (and they have done, and the scissors have since been moved ) that they are only going to play with a few rolls of wrapping paper.

The top baskets are higher, and are perfect for wrapping sheets/ tissue paper/ celophane.
 (All the messy brown paper up the top is the kids paintings. At home I like to get them to paint on a big sheet of brown paper then we use it for wrapping paper )
Then the next baskets are for twine, small gift tins and ribbons (most of my ribbons are stored with my scrapbooking supplies)  And also a small sticky tape dispenser.
And then again, I used the deep baskets for cards, as they come in all shapes and sizes. (I also like to pick up cards on clearance at Typo, they have gorgeous cards)

I then used my trusty little 'S' hooks to hang a little basket (IKEA) for cute pegs, accesories and a pair of scissors ( Like I said, I have since moved them until the novelty of the cupboard wears off)

A Closer view of the ribbons and cards.

And of course, down the bottom, rolls of wrapping paper. I also store a roll of Bonding paper ( for sewing) and contact.  The bar at the top helps to keep all the rolls standing up properly and ensures they don't fall out every time the door is used.

As you can see, I totally copied Cassandras ideas, baskets , everything! But how could you not? It looks fantastic and is totally functional as well! Win /win!

Another great organising project, easy on the budget and simple to complete in just a few hours.

To see more posts from my 'Organising on a Budget Series' click

Do you have any spaces you need to get organised? Let me know and I will try and include them in a feature! But for now, happy organising, hit that Bunnings store and create your own 'Wrapping Station'