Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party Planning Mode

Its no secret that I LOVE to plan and create gorgeous parties for our kiddos. However this party is definitely bitter sweet.
You see, this will be the last first Birthday party that I will plan for our family and cherubs.
Our little boy, will be one. ONE!!
I can not believe it!
Time has flown by , and it only feels like yesterday that I was packing hospital bags and trying to induce my labour.
Now he is a cheeky, adventurous and daring little boy , with a smile that melts my heart.

So , in celebration of his first birthday, I want to create a magical party , that not only looks gorgeous, but is fun and relaxed as well.

When brainstorming for ideas for Angus' party, I started with a colour scheme that I knew I wanted.
Seeing as though his Christening was only a few months ago ( see post HERE) I have a few things left over that I would like to reuse and a few things that were ordered for it but turned up late, so they will be put to good use too!
So starting with a Green and Blue colour scheme, I then had to decide on a theme.
To be honest, elephants was the first thing that sprung to mind but after a bit of thought , I was put off the idea. A good friend held the most gorgeous Elephant party for her little boy and I wanted to do something different.
Then my mind flicked to 'Hot air balloon' party but I have decided to save that for Max and Lacey's party next year, as I would love to use all the pastel colours for the decorations and its a perfect unisex party.

With my love for rabbits ( ok , maybe its an obsession) , rabbits were the next logical animal theme to choose , and that is how the Peter Rabbit theme came about. And the fact that he is our last baby, and he is a boy, it only seems fitting.

So... the theme is Peter Rabbit, with colours of Blue and Green and white.
That is when Pinterest becomes so handy. A mood board is created and lots of images and ideas are drummed up.
Here is what I am thinking;


Peter Rabbit Party for Peters Christening


A printable party pack has been purchased off etsy and the DIY crafting is about to commence.
Wish me luck!!

PS - I will definitely be sharing the party in a few posts for you after the date. x


  1. Hi Liz,

    Not sure if you checked out my blog post, but I did a Peter Rabbit themed Christening a few months back using the same colour theme and I just adored it!!

    The link is below and if I can offer any advice or help just let me know.

    I am starting to plan Mr B's 1st birthday now and I am thinking elephants - we must have such similar taste x

  2. PS: I also have a Peter Rabbit mood board on my Pinterest page if that is any help too?

  3. Awww I'd never thought about it like that- a last first birthday party. I don't know if we'll have any more. Today the Mister was saying maybe two more but who knows how it will all turn out? But it *is* sad to think I might have had my last first birthday party already!

    cant wait to see pics, I know you'll make it look lovely!


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