Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween crafting

Over the weekend, we set to creating some Halloween themed crafts.

We started by making some 'Cotton wool Ghosts", with inspiration from Pinterest of course!
See below

Pinned Image

It was really easy and I didn't need to buy any supplies , win win really.

The kids glued the cotton balls all over a small paper plate. Then glued on some black eyes and mouth that I had precut from Crepe paper. A hole through the top and a piece of string to hang it with and a few strands of white crepe paper (or you could cut up a white plastic bag into strips) and there you have a spooooooky ghost!

We also made a few Contact pieces , using some Halloween themed confetti that I found in the $2 Shop the other day. It was $2 for the pack and can be used for anything!

A piece of contact in the shape you desire (we did a bat, skull and pumpkin) and then the kids stuck all the relevant confetti pieces over the top.

When finished, line the shape with a large piece of contact and cut around it.
We also used this method to create Hearts for Valentines Day HERE,  with Fish HERE and for our Yellow theme HERE.

Simple stained glass window art.

And the Ghosts now take pride of place , scattered around the house.



  1. TOTALLY LOVE the ghost!! Cute, might have to steal that one for tomorrow!!! xx

  2. That looks great ! Love the stained glass window art !


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