Saturday, October 27, 2012

Planning for a Party

I am madly in the throws of planning Master Angus' first birthday bash , with a little over a week to go until the big party day.
I have a busy coming week and few weekends, with lots of appointments, a bit of working for me and my 10 year High school reunion (I know!!).

I DO love to throw a good party, and I also love to put a lot of heart and soul into the decorations and theme, but sometimes you just need a helping hand.
And this time, I have found the perfect person for that, and help she did!! ( Why has it taken me so long to discover this service I don't know!!).

                                       Life's Little Celebrations

When mentioning on a blog post my ideas and theme for Angus' first birthday and knowing how busy life is for me, the gorgeous Tanya from Life's Little Celebrations kindly offered to help out and compile an "Ideas and Inspiration Board" . So basically, all the searching and googling and browsing online stores and looking for the right colour this , and the right size that, she did is ALL for me!
Not only did she create these gorgeous Boards but also sent me links for sites to purchase from and blogs/websites to see other parties similar.
The information she sent was invaluable and the time it spared me .... well priceless.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Products Board

Decorating Ideas

Tables Board

Pretty gorgeous huh? And all links are at the click of the mouse.
Tanya offers such an amazing service, and its all tailor made to your requirements and how you want to plan your party.
You may want ideas on how to decorate and arrange your food table. You may want links and ideas for all products that can be purchased to make your life easier. However you want it, is what Tanya can do.
I can not tell you enough how easy these boards and the information has been for me! Even though I haven't purchased much that is on them, I can see so much that I already had and could re purpose, knew what to look out for at our cheapo shops etc to save money and wrote myself a big old list for the "To Do's" for the next week.

You too could have your next party made easier, make sure you contact Tanya at Life's Little Celebrations

and be sure to check out their facebook page HERE

Meanwhile, I am off to peruse the net, start on my TO DO list and use up all these wonderful ideas.
I love how I can see it all , in pictures , in front of me.
It keeps me focused on the finish product.

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  1. what a great theme for a first birthday and fab service....I waste so much time looking for stuff too!
    Can't wait to see the pictures.


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