Monday, January 9, 2012

The "jobs" List

So we are back from holidays, and returned to a house (having left on the 27th after a busy Christmas and Boxing Day) that was still covered in festive cheer, with lots of toys to find homes for and a few piles of stuff that I was meaning to get to once Christmas was over!
So began the list! Darling husband is always complaining and making fun of me, because I have lists everywhere and for everything, but to be honest, they make me feel better. Even if the list is a few pages long, with some pretty big jobs on it, just to have it down on paper, feels like you are half way there. Like its been recognised!
Anyhoooo, between the jobs, lots of play was had, and lots of destruction! Evidence below!

One of my favourite jobs on the list, was setting up my new Project Life Album for 2012! It FINALLY arrived on the 3rd January, after being Pre ordered in September. I am absolutely in love with the Clementine kit, and so pleased I ordered it (but I also order the Cobolt aswell, to finally get our Europe holiday from 2009 into an album to enjoy!)

 We managed to swap over the frames of our gorgeous baby photos in the hallway, and add Angus' to the wall aswell. I just love the effect, and being able to compare the kids in similaritites and differences. Not only that, they are a reall talking point for anyone who visits.

More frames were also added, and photos changed on our Photo wall in the living area (this opposes the kitchen). For anyone who knows me, knows how much I love photographs. I love having them around and love to take them , for everything..... We had a family session with an amazing photographer in the first few weeks home with Angus' so I was able to put some of those into the wall and love it to bits.
Sorry about the light, but its just a sneak peak, more to come when its finished!

Our bedrooms (the 3 kids ones) are quite small in our house, so to try and create more space and an uncluttered look in Stella's room, the bookcase was removed (and put in Angus' nursery) , and some Book racks put up on the unused wall just inside her door , at the end of her bed. They are fantastic, absolutely LOVE them, available HERE for $6.95, after a few coats of spray paint, they look awesome.
We placed them tall enough so the little ones can't reach them but so Stella can still stand on the end of her bed and reach ( not ideal, but better than the booiks getting wrecked during the twins "destructive" stage!!)

                                                        And her little reading nook, so cute!

I also reorganised her dressing table , and coralled everything in this tray , to make doing her hair before school (sob!) a lot easier and quicker!! I can already imagine how hard its going to be getting out of the house with a baby, 2 x toddlers and a stubborn nearly 4 year old! ARGH!

These have been up for a while, but I just wanted to share with you a few other storage solutions in our home.
I love these over the door hooks, available from Ikea ! No drilling holes, but still adding more hanging and storage. I have used them inside my Laundry cupboard, and this is now where Noel's sports bags hang, easy to grab and go when on his way to training or a game, a sunshade for the kids and a small backpack cooler bag.

                                 This is what they look like when the cupboard is closed , from the outside.

Stella also has one in her room, that hangs on the outside of her wardrobe door, for all her pretties and precious necklaces, and Max and Lacey have one on their bedroom door for their small backpacks. Great space saver, and cheap too!

Stella's clip holder was moved, as it was on the bookcase, and now hangs off the curtain rail. Yes, this girl has some clips!! But in my defense, I have only purchased a few for her, the rest are gifts. Thankfully we have a gorgeous clip holder, made by my talented sister , and they are displayed brilliantly and all used because of it!

And finally a sneak peak into dear Angus Frankue's room. I finally mnaged some time while Noel was off to get in there and make a nice space for our gorgeous boy. Again, its not finished, but I will share more photos tonight!

So there you have it, just a few of the jobs completed around our home, and I love the difference they have made. With 2 ute loads culled and chucked, a trip to the tip and over $200 made from selling unwanted items creating clutter, we certainly had a busy, yet productive end to our holiday.
Unfortunately its back to the norm today, DH at work and me back managing the 4 kids.
I am in the process of planning some Australia Day crafts and activities for the kiddos, and have about 10 posts lined up for the coming week, a few by request, so more busy times ahead!


  1. Wow Liz! You have accomplished so much, even with a new baby and the Christmas period! I am all motivated to go home and do some serious organising for the new year, I always LOVE reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Angus' room!

  2. Wow looks like you have been busy:) these hooks from ikea look good I might have th check them out


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