Sunday, February 5, 2012

Handmade Hearts

Another post full of some handmade goodies you can do at home to tizzy up your house for Valentines Day!
I had all intentions of doing this post yesterday, however Harvery Norman had a 9c Print Sale and I managed to get 1500 photos printed , a pretty good effort for one day , so cheap it was hard to refuse, and I am very ahppy that my New Year Goal of getting all our photos from the past few years into albums, might actually happen this year! Never fear, only 100 odd were from this year, the other 1400 were from our Europe Trip we took in 2009, and its been fantastic to sort and look through them all. Now to get it into an album to enjoy!

Last week was full of lovely crafting sessions with the kids ( and alot of back and forth to school etc ).
We began the Handmade heart task by painting using toilet rolls. I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! Minimum equipment needed and so cute!
The kids had a ball, and it was a very hot day, so a perfect inside activity.

Hmm our boy Max, he has the BIGGEST personality ! Wears a hat, everywhere, all day , to bed, to the bath , at craft time, and he loves to get dirty!

While we had the paints out, we also did some hand prints in the shape of hearts.
These are Stella's.

Another day, another heart activity. I picked up a pack of mixed pink buttons in Spotlight the other day, and thought of this cute activity.
I simply drew a heart on the page, painted on some PVA glue and the kids went for it! (Alright , hubby and I were helping, and realised the best way was to help cover the outside line with buttons and then the kids filled the inside.) Some are upside down, there are spaces, odd shapes etc, but I think they look great!

And this is where dear Max's heart has found a home, by the front door, on display, as his real heart is , always on his sleeve!

I just cut out the heart and glued it onto a piece of red card and placed it in a frame, it looks really effective in person and any colour buttons can be used to suit your decor.

And then today, an impromptu activity, more hearts ( is it getting old now? You can NEVER have too much love I think!) . I just cut out hearts from some pink card, and the kids glued tissue paper (scrunched into balls) onto the top.

And then we stuck some little piece of tissue paper aswell. Now to think of what to do with them!!

Finally, some DIY decor that I am LOVING in my home at the moment. During the trip to Spotlight last week, I picked up some chipboard 3D letters, and later spray painted them in red and white.
Another Pinterest idea and I think they look great on our bookshelf to add some love!!

Its amazing what some glue, paint and tissue paper can create!
Speaking of love........

Beautiful Angus Frankie xo


  1. Your such a crafty person Liz! I love reading your blog and getting crazy DIY ideas from it :)
    Now I have a house to decorate I might steal some of your ideas!

    The kiddies are super cute <333


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