Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to School- Shoes


Its nearly that time again, and its a bitter sweet one for me. I love School holidays, the relaxed mornings, kids playing and no strict schedule. BUT .... I do also love the routine, less bickering and a cleaner house during the School term.

Seeing as though we were away for the first 2 weeks of January, I had to plan early and start organising our Back To School items and lists in advance. The booklists and School bags were bought between Christmas and the New Year and extra uniforms and the sandals bought while away (we took advantage of the shops while visiting family)

I know that most other states are returning to school very shortly (perhaps even next week?!) but we still have another few weeks , thankfully. So over the next week or so, I will be running through our choices and a few ideas to make the Back To School process a little easier.

After moving towns, our kids now go to a Public School (which is fantastic!!) and therefore things are a little different for the uniform and requirements than when Stella was at the Catholic school.
This year our twins, Max and Lacey, are starting Kindergarten (they turn 4 at the end of April) which is  2 days one week, 3 days the next and Stella is going into Year 1!! We can not believe we will have 3 at school. Time flies when you are busy! This Mumma is a bit emotional!

At our new school , all kids are required to wear a full uniform from Kindy and must also have appropriate footwear. Stella was always able to wear thongs (for easy removal and playing) and casual clothes but I must admit I like the idea of a uniform more!

Everyone has a different opinion about school shoes, and we aren't ruled by any colour or material restrictions so for sneakers we have just gone with basic Kmart ones. Super cheap at $8 a pair for the twins, and Stella's were around $15. I found hers from last year to be quite good quality for the amount you pay for them, she found them super comfortable and they are cheap enough that when they grow out of them, or they get covered in red dirt (like they all do in the Pilbara) you don't mind chucking them and buying a new pair!


Sandal wise, the girls have gorgeous Target sandals, and Max has a pair of velcro strapped ones. Again, easy for them to put them on and off themselves, cool and comfortable and seeing as though we aren't at a private school, these are fantastic on the hip pocket.


Like I said, everyone has a different opinion about kids shoes. Do you buy more expensive ones for fragile , growing feet? Or are kids just hard on their shoes regardless, so you buy cheaper ones because they grow so fast? 
I am of the cheaper option, seeing as though Stella went up 3 full shoe sizes during the last 6 months, her shoes don't wear out before she grows out of them.

Anyway, that's our Term one shoe picks for this coming School Year!


  1. Loved this post Liz, we generally just buy shoes from kmart, target etc too as they grow about 3 sizes every year. A lot of blogs have done sponsored school shoe posts, but they are generally $100 + a pair and just not feasible 3 times a year! So nice to see a part that shows some awesome shoes in most people's price range :)

  2. It's the opposite in our house hold. Lulu is in grade two this year and she still fits into the shoes I bought for her to start prep. Her feet never grow. She's just turned 8 and is in a size 11.

    Cheaper is good too because lets face it, a girl likes a bit of shoe shopping and upgrade.


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