Friday, August 1, 2014

Updates ...

There is nothing I like more than quick, easy and most of all , budget savvy updates for me or my home. I am a 'homey' person, always choosing to spend time or money on furnishings/ decor than clothing or items for myself and I like change. I like to have something to do all the time and I don't like to spend a lot of money while doing it! My husband calls that 'stingy'  I call it 'budget savvy'. Same same really . 

Here are a few ways I have been satisfying the need for change and gaining that 'hit' that I need every now and then, without breaking the bank! 

I have been on the lookout for more storage for our Toy area for a while , but with the cost of freight to get things up here, and our limited shopping options, my hunt was not very successful. And then this little bookcase gem popped up on our local Facebook buy and sell page. We have these Ikea bookcases in the kids rooms, as well as some small cube storage in the same range so it fits with our existing furniture perfectly. It didn't take long to be filled and used but I have plans to recover the backboard with some pretty paper or fabric. I will just add that to the Projects list , shall I!?

Before our big move to the Pilbara , I used to have my nails done with a gel polish and loved it! Move to the Pilbara and the prices are astronomical to get them done (as it is with everything) so I just couldn't justify it. 
So I researched and ended up buying myself a lamp and gel polishes and now do my nails myself. 
So much fun! 

You've got to love when your shirt and nails match!! Definitely not on purpose but a welcomed coincidence. 

After a impulsive purchase of this floor rug from Kmart (less that $30) , I then got it home and had no where to put it. Not good! They are the worst purchases of all.
Then I had the idea to fold it in half , tuck it under the beds legs and use it next to my side of the bed ( I have this bizarre issue with moisturiser, clean feet and going to bed . No,  Seriously!)

Not only has it helped with my 'issue' it has added a nice pop of colour to our previously neutral and dull bedroom. I am loving this 'embrace colour' phase I am going through! 

No money spent here, and this project cost was an hour of my time. Its amazing what a wee little tidy up can do to a key area of your home. Functionality and aesthetics aside, it makes me feel good!

After picking up 4 of these gorgeous green glass knobs on eBay for $12 including postage, the cabinet I had intended on using them on , was a pain to remove the old knobs.  No problem, plenty of others to jazz up. 
Loving the little pops of colour and snazz up to our TV unit! 

During a recent little tidy up of our store room , I rediscovered my boxes of fabrics and decided they either had to be used , and soonish, or sold off on eBay/facebook etc. So while my husband was home one day (he is shift working now) I set up the sewing machine and buzzed up some pillowcases for our room ( the blue/teal ones in the middle) . Again, the pop of colour is gorgeous and the satisfaction of knowing I made them is even better!

I am definitely on a "revamp, reorganise , re evaluate" phase and its so refreshing! 

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