Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guest Feature with Gemma - Floors and Dusting

This week we are talking 'Floors and Dusting'.  As I've mentioned in most of the other posts, I  'do a little bit all the time' and it never gets out of control or in need of a big , time consuming , clean.


You can seriously dust your whole house in the same amount of time it takes to boil the kettle and drink a cup of tea. 

Econimising is all well and good but one thing you should never skimp on is Viva (Paper Towel) . I can dust my whole house with just 4 squares , as you can rinse and re use. Once I used an entire roll of paper towel to dust a friends house , and hated every minute. 

I went through the Enjo mitt stage but am back to the old faithful - the damp Viva. 
So I do a whole house dust once a week. Every surface is dusted - cabinets, cupboards, drawer tops, shelving and all the items on them.  If you do them weekly, its such light work. 
I actually do my lounge and kitchen area daily, one square of damp Viva and I'm done! 

Dust is so annoying, it reappears within a day and you wonder why you bother - but it doesn't belong there, so sacrifice one coffee break a week, you'll love it!!


Aside from our Theatre room lounge, every other piece of furniture in our house can be vacuumed under. Every bed, couch, armchair, set of drawers etc . That's the way I like it , no dust can hide under anything. 

I love this lounge set up, but I hate that I can't vacuum underneath them daily. So every Monday I move them - its amazing what dust etc. builds up under neath them in 7 days.

Go on, move your low lying furniture and see what treats are underneath - once a week , move and vac and you are winning!!


I am painful when it comes to floors. I can't stand the sight of any crumb or hair - it certainly is a curse (have you realised I am OCD yet?!)
I simply couldn't survive without my Electrolux 24V Cordless. I use my Dyson vacuum 4 days a week and do the entire house - under every bed and couch and into every corner. On the other 3 days I whiz around with this (almost always with my baby asleep in the Ergo).
I use it throughout the day just to spot clean as well. With food mess ( bigger than crumbs) I use damp paper towel This Electrolux allows me to have clean floors 24/7 - without ever having to sweep. If it was possible, I would marry it!!

I'm a mean Mum don't let my kids eat/drink walking around, they either have to sit at the table or go outside. I am a real 'spot cleaner' with my floor , every spill or drip is wiped up with paper towel. Its because of this that I can get away with only mopping once a fortnight!! That might freak some of you out - but my floors are always spotless.

I use an Enjo mop with no added products. I totally realise there are more important things in life than clean floors, surfaces and bathrooms. BUT ... there are also more important things than TV shows, football games, baking cakes, putting on makeup and shopping (actually there's not a great deal in life that's more important than shopping) . Each to their own I say!

Before there are questions (just email Liz if you have any, or comment on the post) we have Metallic cushioned vinyl (it was by FORBO) and LOVE it!!  But streaking with the mop isn't a problem, I just run the fibre under the tap, roll it up to ring it out and mop away. If it gets too dry , I just use a spray bottle. Similar mops are available from Norwex , but this is Enjo.

My window squeegee , mop fibres , mitts etc are all housed on this wall hook in our laundry for easy access.  And the Electrolux charges below. 

Inside the cupboard isn't pretty but its practical. Storage of our mop, broom and Dyson Vacuum (plus the heater and Christmas/Easter tree) 

Not the most of fun of topics but practical and a necessity none the less!! 
Thanks for having me again 
Happy Cleaning

Gem x


  1. Hey you, long time no chat... just started looking at IG a bit more often lately and saw your post at the Dongara turnoff today, saw someone mention your blog and well, here I am... now... I am not big on house work but I'm reading... then this jumps of the screen at me... you still carry A around in the ergo while you vacuum????!!!!! JeSUS woman... no wonder you are looking so great!!! Enjoy your Perth trip. Hope we can catch up again one day... you can dust... I will drink my coffee thank you very much! :P

  2. OOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo wait! Now I get it... this was a GUEST post by Gemma... ok Gemma can dust... we can have coffee. <3 :P

  3. I found this blog by accident while googling something and i'm quite taken aback. You really shouldn't use the term OCD unless you are actually diagnosed with a mental illness. Are you sure you're OCD or you just like a clean floor? This is SO disrespectful to people who actually have OCD, it's not a trendy word you can throw around because people think you're cool because you like to be neat, it's a serious illness.

    1. Oh dear. Seeing as though this post was written by a guest blogger , but also a good friend of mine , I don't feel comfortable discussing any more than the basics. Gemma has been diagnosed with OCD. Everyone handles illnesses in a different way , Gemma chooses to laugh and joke about hers so it doesn't get her down. Perhaps your comment was the disrespectful part in all this ?


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