Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 - Nourish

Oh dear, I had grand intentions of being organised, consistent and post regularly this year. It seems I am a little late with my first post (nearly 2 whole months) but better late than never, right?! Lets hope it improves from here on out!

I have so many posts I am in the middle of writing. A heap on the "To- Do list" and even more floating around in my head, so I hope I can come through with the goods this year. 

I have been on a DIY rampage lately. Nothing is safe from paint, nothing is safe from being cut up, glued or re-purposed so expect a heap of those sort of posts. 
I have been on an exercise and weight loss mission for a while now - So expect some workout shots (or at least of my funky runners hehe) and maybe a healthy recipe or 2 thrown in there.
I have also been on a 'Need it or Chuck it' journey. So much stuff, so many labels needed , so many cupboards need sorting and resorting. 

But most of all, for this year of 2015, instead of setting New Years Resolutions , I am picking a word again (last years was 'Appreciate' , see post HERE).
A word to help define my days, to strive to always adapt to my everyday life. A word to believe in. 
My word for 2015 is NOURISH.

Nourish can mean and relate to so many different aspects of life, and that is why I have chosen it.

I want to continue to Nourish my body with yummy, wholesome and healthy food. Food that is fuel for my body. Food that will help me fulfil my busy and demanding days. Food that will also help me shed some lumps and bumps .

I want to start to Nourish my soul this year. Focus more on myself than I ever have before.
 I, like so many others out there (especially the Mums), put everyone else's needs and wants before my own.  I am determined to start looking after myself more. Have my first facial. Go and get a pedicure every now and then. Perhaps even take off for a solo coffee and mag read in a coffee shop. Small things that mean big things for your mental and emotional health. Nourishing your soul in the best way.

Nourishing my family, providing emotional and physical support to no end. Lots of cuddles, lots of kisses and lots of quality time spent with my kids and husband. 

I want to read more, study a little, cook a lot and love more than anything. 

I have a good feeling about 2015, do you?

Have you picked a word? Or set a New Years resolution? 
Care to Share? Lets do it, together! 

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