Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is such an amazing time of the year, in my opinion anyway. Its when I come alive, get excited about my home and I am always more determined to spend more 'quality' time with our kids. 

Its also a time for family traditions.  I always like to hear how everyone puts their own spin on traditions. The things they have passed on to their children from their own childhoods and the new little traditions you make with your own families. I've decided to share a fair amount of our Festive season on the blog this year. More so to document this time for our children but also perhaps there are any readers out there who are like me and like to hear every ones traditions in case there is something you adapt for your home. 

This year, unfortunately my husband is working Christmas Day. It is the joy of shift work and I am sure there are many families out there in the same boat, and I feel for you all! Especially those with FIFO partners and those with family members who have passed away. It can be a really emotional time of the year, but it can also be pretty darn amazing! Oh to see Christmas in the eyes of a child!

Anyway, with my husband working on the main day ( he does a 12 hour shift so we are talking 5:30am - 6:30pm round trip, totally sucks!!) I have really tried to focus on the whole festive season , making every day special and memorable , rather than it just being about Christmas Day when I know the kids are going to struggle without their beloved Dad around.
We are also at home for Christmas this year, rather than heading away to see our family. This is a bittersweet issue for us. I would desperately love to be with my family (and not alone with the kids) but sometimes these things happen. It does however mean that we have more time at home . More time for me to organise crafts, advent activities and I seem to have Christmas spirit in abundance this year (whereas I struggled to feel it in 2014!) I know I will be sad on Christmas Day without my family around, I know I will shed a tear or 10 with my husband not around, but at the end of the day I will be strong for my kids and I am super lucky to be able to spend the day with them (unlike my amazing husband and all those who have to work) . These are the times when you wish you weren't such a bloody softy! haha

So over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing our families Christmas traditions. Our advent activities, Kids crafts, baking, Teachers and class gifts, our Random Acts of Kindness gifts for 2015, whats on our Christmas lists or wrapped under the tree . All of the things!
Feel free to stop reading now if you are the Christmas Grinch!!

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