Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Baaaacccckkk

Sorry for my absence, life is just chaos, if you can imagine.
Lots been happening here , busy busy or (bizzy bizzy) trying to sew and complete started projects in time for the Baby and Kids market in Gero, I have so many ideas and just need the time to execute them ;)Always a challenge when you have 3 children the age of 2 and under!!
However last Saturday night we had a sewing night. We being my Mother bear, Sissy Kristy and myself, and of course DH who occupied the couch and was in charge of making the coffees!! I got a bit done, not as much as hoped but it was a start, and the kick start I needed to work my arse of for the market.
So , new things coming ; lots of new skirts for little girls in amazing fabrics, pillowcase dresses, a few pairs of pants for boys, more cloth wipes and burp clothes, more rugs, and a new item , a portable and compact rolled change mat for your nappy bag. So cute, and I hope other people like them as much as I do!!

We have had the pleasure of the gorgeous Miranda Gregory taking some uber gorgeous photos of our gorgeous family over the past few weekends. Miranda has been a gorgeous , loyal client of mine at the salon for a long time, and I miss doing her mega beautiful long , dark and shiny locks. She is normally just a wedding photographer, however, she has taken some beautiful images of our kids!
A few to share;

Love the light in this one

And Stella's cheeky smile in this one

And this one..............

Placid princess Lacey

Ohhh melts your heart doesn't it

Promise I won't be too long to post again, but for now, off to the land of nod, ahhh bliss..........

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