Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comes In 3's (or so they say!!)

Yep, they do say it comes in 3's, but for me at the moment it feels like it just doesn't stop!!
What has been happening you ask?
Well first off our beautiful boofy boy Max has been diagnosed with a Milk Protein allergy, which isn't that bad, at least we know what it is now. It all came about after a trip to the Paediatrician ,as I have suspected there is something not quite right with him for a while. He developed this phlegmy cough and has had the snuffles since birth and apparently the Milk allergy is an upper respiratory allergy. So the Paed put him on a prescription formula.
A few days after going on that, and luckily , whilst we were at the salon, he started to cough, then choke and wouldn't breathe. He went red, then white then blue . It was AWFUL!! So I rushed him to the ED. A further 5 hrs there and we were sent home non the wiser. It repeated the next morning so up I went again and a visit fromt he doc he was prescriped a new formula. Luckily nothing has occured since.
Next thing, Stella developed a nasty cough last week, then she went down hill fast, and complained of a sore ear, hight tmep etc. Up to the ED again. 39.7 degree temps and all and when sitting at the first window to see the nurse to give your symptoms he kindly askes "any vomiting" to which I answer no. Well less than 2 secs later and Stella chucks up on me, and her , everywhere. NICE!! Antibotics for an Upper respiratory Infection.
Next thing is my full time senior at the salon, and someone I thought I could rely on, quit!! Told me Tuesday, left Friday. Needless to say, I have returned to work On Saturdays (to which I am actually Loving!!)
Next thing is Noel took my car to the shop the other day and was driving out . He was stopped in the road as he was waiting to exit and a stupid old man couldn't see out his back window because of a big load, and didn't check his mirrors, and he reversed right into my car. Smashed the sliding rear door, shattered the glass, and dented the back panel. 1200kms on the odometer and its nearly a right off. We have to wait 4 weeks for a new door to come from Korea, not good!!
I have then had gastro all weekend, to which I felt I was going to die, literally!!
Throw a few other nasties into the mix and life has been a little up and down of late!
HOWEVER, my kids are adorable , my husband gorgeous and my friends and family priceless, and that is what we need to think of in times like these, when life just seems to want to poo all over you!

AND... not to mention, my roaring success at the Midwest baby and Kids Market!
Hopefully I will have a few new followers from that, and I promise to upload pics of the new and excess stock from the market available for purchase.
Take care all

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