Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday = Funday

I LOVE Sundays!! I am sure I have said it all before but I love, love , love them!! Nothing better than a lazy morning, pikelets for a breakfast picnic, soe=me quiet time for Stella watching new movies that Grandma bought home from Bali yesterday (dont like the new Toy Story 3 btw!!) , then a trip to town, parents house and home for more chilling.
Stella and I made a pretty necklace for her, as she is into everything jewellery at the moment , and we went to town to buy her a present for sleeping through the night and not calling out to Dad and she bought more jewellery!!
She has been waking a few times a night for the past few months. At first it was right after she went into Knickers for her night time sleep, then it has just snowballed, and finally the twins are sleeping better, and now onto Stella!!
She just wakes as anyone does, and calls out for stupid reasons "I can't find my water bottle" and its right next to her, " I want a cuddle" cute but argh!! Noel has been getting up to her, so I am lucky but it still wakes us and its just not fair on him. Soooo we have resorted to a parents best friend = bribery!!
If she sleeps through without calling Dad she can get a sticker and a present!! From the cheapie shops of course, but it works!!
Speaking of toys, I am looking for a Blythe doll for her for Christmas, argh!! SO hard to find, especially one for less than $150! I think its more for me actually!
I am thinking about doing a day trip to Perth for Upmarket, I can't wait!!
Hope evryone enjoyed their Sunday.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, oh how I love thee!!
And I love my Max's cheeky grin even more!

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