Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am trying to do more of it so I have time to make super cute things like this;

I know, I know, its not the best, most straightest thing ever (no thanks to my overlocker dethreading and breaking a needle AGAIN!! Time to call the manufacturers I say) but I am more than happy with the result! Actually, I am quite chuffed about it! The only bad thing, I have been busting to make more since!! So the Bizzy Dayz baby and kids items have gone on the backburner for now, and I have made a vow to myself to make a few things for myself first!

Now, back to planning. I am trying to declutter and just generally reorganise my whole life. This twins business does nothing for the state of ones house (a constant battle to keep under control , even for a clean freak, especially getting ready to put it one the market!!) and ones general organisation. And believe me, I need all the help I can get , between wages, super, tax, orders, holidays, employees, toddler, babies x2, house, washing, cooking , Baking (for salon) and the general weekly activities, I NEED the help!!
So I have started to menu plan again. I did it a few years ago, more for budget back then, and that is always a bonus, but for us, in this part of our lives, it is for organisation at peak hour (aka Witching hour) or for those who aren't parents or aren't aware , the time between 5-7 when its dinner, bath and bed time for all children when they are in an exhausted, emotional state and are VERY hard to reason with!!
How it works is.... I don't shop very often right, so our last one was 2 weeks ago and we still have enough in the pantry and meat in the freezer to last another 2, we just need to touch up on Bread, milk and veges a bit. I made a planner for 4 weeks , based on what I bought and was going to buy ( I made 2 week planner before shopping and 2 week one after when I was inspired). It makes it so much easier each morning, I don't have to think about what to have , or see if we have the ingredients to make it etc, I just get the meat or whatever out of the freezer, then I can start to prepare or cook tea , or put it in slow cooker which is even better, at lunch or mid afternoon to avoid a panic at peak hour.

I got this super cute pad from Inner B , a website online, where I also got my uber gorgeous Mummy planner, and if I knew how to create a link , I would but feel free to email me if you want the details. However I have seen a few similar at target ( I am just anal and don't like the pattern on them!!)
So.... my goals for the next week or so....... clean out my wardrobe, declutter and whip my house into shape (ha ha!) and create another something gorgeous for around the house! Another cushion purhaps..................


  1. when you're done at your house can you come over to mine?:)

  2. Haha why of course!! Thankyou so much for visiting my blog, I love yours!

  3. I'm more of a last minute planner. I don't even make lists for the grocery store which drives my husband mad! Cute blog. Very motivating.


  4. I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, but find that I do get more done when I plan out my day ahead of time so I am trying to do that more often,allowing for some flexibility.

  5. Love the cushion Liz..Menu planning is huge at my house..been doing it two years and can generally do shopping for the four of us for around $100 a week inc nappies etc..

    Love reading the blog and seeing how big your gorgeous kids are growing.

  6. You have inspired me!! I LOVE the patch work cushion!! Its so me, i think it belongs in my house!!! hehe...and what i love more is the odd shapes and sizes and how you have made it all fit so boring sometime... all my patchwork is the same shape and size!! ... Not now!!! Im gonna have to give it a go!! Love and Miss you! xo

  7. Glad you guys have like the planning, I love it, takes the hassle out of Peak hour fantastically!! And thanks for stopping by!


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