Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sunshine and smiles

We enjoyed the whole day at home today, and I love it, there is simply nothing better than hanging out in your trackies, playing in the sunshine and enjoying our little people!!

Stella and I had a great play (and photo session) in the glorious sunshine today, it was gorgeous to sit in the sun and soak up the rays, I just love Spring and Summer.

She would have to be the cheekiest gorgeous little thing around..... Today she was playing with my hair and took out my lacky and bobby pins, and before she did she said "I take your clips out, they hurting you , they unconfotble" (aka Uncomfortable!) Classic!! Here , a snippet of our fun in the sun;

Today I was busy sewing (catching up on orders) when I could, playing games, swinging a swing, making Pizza's with Stella for lunch (supervising that she didn't eat all the olives before they made it to the pizza's) and having a kip with a very sunsettled little man on my chest (off to Paed tomorrow , thankfully) whilst the girls were sleeping , couldnt have asked for a better day really!
I did however start a new small project, will post pics tomorrow, just something to add to Stella's room and am gathering supplies for the next big project.

A challenge was set by one of the great blogs I follow Mama Loves Papa to write ourselves a thankful list , a list of 10 things that we are thankful everyday for. Not something we stop and do very often, and I was so keen to participate, we all need a wakeup call every now and then!
Here are my 10;

1) Noel... he is the most amazing husband and best friend anyone could ask for, and I love that we are sharing this journey of life together
2) My body (def not the way it looks!!) but that I was able to create and carry 3 amazing children ,and even 2 at once!! Something many take for granted!
3) My babies of course, 1 beautiful little girl, and 2 gorgeous little cherubs, we are very lucky!
4) My Mum (my Dad is pretty cool too) but she is not only my Mum and the best one at that, but she is one of my best friends. I would be lost without her!! xo
5) Our amazing house, I am constantly rearranging, remodelling, redoing things, to make it our home, but we are very lucky to live in such a beauiful house and area
6) Bedtime of the said children, the peace is priceless and I love the time with hubby!
7) Friends and family; we have some precious people in our lives and are so very grateful
8) My imagination; it never ceases to amaze my husband and me for that matter
9) My career; I am constantly inspired by my profession of hairdressing, and LOVE it!
10) Life.. it is a gift in itself, and it needs to appreciated in all its worth.

There you have it, have you ever made one yourself? Do it, and I'd love to see them, email me or post a link.

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  1. Stella is such a cutie pie! I have kept a Thankful journal for years. It is a great way to remember all the small things I have that I am thankful for.
    Hugs, Sherry


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