Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a Wonderful Wednesday!!

What amazing weather we had here today!! Perfect to spend the whole, yes the WHOLE , day at home!! Apparently it reached about 36 degrees and the babies had their first day in legless rompers, sooo cute, one skinny set of pegs and one chubby bubby set! We have pulled out the pedestal fans and boy does it feel like barbeque weather!! Just the way I like it too!

And what made my day so wonderful you say?
Well all these things of course!!

Stella's Morning tea ( I just had fruit salad) yummy yummy

Ohh how precious, a BIG sleep today!! I even got an hour too!!

Play time for babies

Nothing better than the sight of Nappies drying on the line!!

Play time

She LOVES her trampoline, and hat of course, yay for Summer!

Piles of clean washing!

Beautiful cuddles
And a few of my favourite things around my home at the moment;

My new Compost bin, love it!! Beats the ice cream container of late!

Our hobby herb and vege garden, nothing major, but showing Stella where it comes from!

New bar stools from Ikea

My trivet , from Greece. LOVE it!! This time last year we were touring Europe!

There are definately more things around , but its just a piece of my day, and the things that make me smile :)

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