Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Baby

Dear Santa Baby,
 Boy oh boy have a been a good girl this year!!
Not only have I done all the normal stuff, run a business, ran a household, cooked, sewed, played - but I also baked up 2 of the most gorgeous little poppets one could ask for. Yep, I rekon the two.babies. at .once thing gives me some extra credits in the Wish List department!

So here is my wish list for Christmas;
* A new pair of Birkenstock sandals - Love these shoes , like seriously, I know they are expensive but do yourselves a favour and buy a pair!! Red ones please Father Christmas

*A few sewing books (luckily Santa baby aka hubby is getting these for me , I know this cos I have ordered them myself!!)

                                                           Sew by Cath Kidston

And this;
Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan

We have ordered through the American Book Depository because of the awesome exchange rate and free shipping!! No other excuses needed!!
BUT, I do still need want this book, sorry I can't link or have a pic, something not working properly!!

Pieces of Me by Janelle Wind

* A gorgeous necklace made of buttons, from somewhere in the WWW
*a new insert for my Inner B diary for next year (sorry Mum, just thought of that)
*and something handmade and gorgeous from my talented sister at Bread N Butter Factory, anything will do, I love handmade stuff!!

Well I hope you guys have a more interesting list than me, but you know what, all I want is to spend the day with my beautiful family, bask in the excitement that is already brewing in Stella and eat some yummy tucka!!!

This post was inspired by the Blog This challenge, why not take it up yourself!!

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