Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still here

So I am still here. Albeit in a lesser form of myself, computerless, but surviving none the less. Boy oh boy am I missing blogging. Sharing my creations ( to which there has been a few over the weekend) but also some important days and events for our little family and my POTD's.
I am busy decorating and planning Valentines crafts and our home and putting the first wheels in motion for April, I know I know, it's ages away but we have 3 kids birthdays, our anniversary and a holiday to Shark Bay in that month so I want to be super organised!! I have mixed emotions about the twins birthday. It's their first so I am excited but so emotional at the same time. My babies. Growing up. Not little babies anymore. So sad for mummy.
I hope everyone is keeping cool in Oz and warm in the US and seeing as though I am blogging on my phone, I am off to pack for a big day out with the cherubs tomorrow! Night all!
Oh and before I forget, Happy Birthday Daddy dearest. The best Dad in the world (bar Noel of course), we love you dearly and are so blessed to have an amazing, supportive and loving father like you! Xo

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