Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I think that once you have children, there is never a dull moment again. Never a time to say "I'm Bored" , never a time when there isn't noise, laughter or crying!!
Today our house had its fair share of crying (Max, poor little fella has had an ear infection, then broke out in a rash apparently caused by the fever or the antibiotics, they can't be sure, and the Dr also detected a heart murmur!! Oh dear!) Anyway, Stella was't her usual happy, well behaved self, but more her alter ego "naughty Stella". The Time out mat got a work out, and I must admit, I raised my voice on more than one occasion. Ok , ok , I yelled. She is at that inbetween stage where she needs a day sleep every few days, but then doesn't on others , oh dear!!
But its times like these that make me smile :)

 Stella has taken to wearing dress ups alot around the house of late. Her favourite thing at the moment is a cape (also known as a baby muslin). She even had to wear it to the supermarket with me the other day, but hey, who am I to deny someone their right to be a superhero!?

And now that we have 2 babies on the move, I never know where they are or what they are getting up to , their most favourite place at the moment is the big sisters bedroom!!

So many pretties, treasures and cool things to play with in there!!

Stella loves it that they are in her room too!! Although at times, she is not too keen on them touching all her precious things.

But she loves them both to bits!! And they love her just as much!! SO adorable!

But sometimes loving them too much, is just as much of a problem!!
Death by a cuddle!!
Never a dull moment......

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  1. Those last two photos are a crack up!! Its so true...they start lovingly and end up in tears!! haha....


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