Monday, January 31, 2011

9 months

Why is it that the 9 months of your pregnancy seems to drag (it does for me as I seem to vomit my way through the months) , yet 9 months fly by when your babies are growing!!

We now have 2 crawing babies;
2 babies who like to smile and cackle at their sister;
2 babies that love their food;
2 babies that like to crawl into their big sisters room and play;
2 babies that have made our lives all the more richer with their presence!!

They are our little miracles!

Before you become parents, its hard to believe that any little being could change your life or outlooka s much as they do!! Our lives have been so enriched by our little cherubs. All 3 of them and I feel so honoured and blessed to be their mother!

Max and Lacey are so amusing and keep me well entertained and on my toes!!
Lacey has just started crawling this week, with one knee and one foot. Apparently much the same as Noel did until he walked.
Max is now standing on everything and starting to let go, so it doesn't seem long until he will walk!! Argh
Both the babies are great eaters, Max a little more fussy, but they LOVE watermelon and yogurt!
Their personalities are starting to flourish so so much, and they are much the same now as they were even in my tummy!!

We feel so lucky to be able to experience being the parents of twins, they are so amazing, the way they interact with each other, are so conscious of each other and have started to fight over toys already!! What an amazing thing to experience as a parent, and for me as their mother. To feel them growing, kicking and moving around on the inside and for the last 9 months, to see them grow, develop and fit right in to our family.
We are so lucky!

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  1. Awww... they are just so gorgeous!! WOW, yep that has gone quick!! Only seems like a month ago you rang to say you were having twins!!! The day you left for Europe!!! haha... Your a very blessed girl with 3 beautiful kids!!! You deserve it Liz!! Your an amazing mum and awesome friend! Love ya xx


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