Thursday, January 20, 2011

The beginning......

And so... my Project Life journey begins!! I can not tell you just how excited and happy this makes me!! Knowing that I am preserving memories of my kids growing up, our life and day to day routines , is there anything sweeter?!

A peek at my pages so far, there are still a few more bits to bbe finished, but I am LOVING it all so far!!

The Cover Page (family pics to be put on blank cards)

Week 1

A HUGE lesson learnt with the beginning of my Project Life journey, is to remember to take my photos landscape. I rotate my camera , like alot, and when I went to print my POTD (picture of the day) off, none of them were sideaways. Oh dear!! This called for the different Sleeves, but I think its all worked out in the end!!

The bottom right hand corner is my list of Goals for the Year!! On a blank grid journalling card, I just added a strip of paper to the side to make it blend in a little.

Week 2

And back to normal layout, although I quite liked the vertical one , it just doesn't fit as many photos so I had to trim one down! In the above pic in the right hand corner, I have put a brief description about the weather we have been having in January and the floods that have been occurring. Great to look back on and remember.

I love how these kits have so many options to changing your layouts. I have added a pull out journalling card, for the photo of the kids snacking. I just listed a few of Stella then Max and Lacey's favourite snacks to eat at the moment. Again, a nice thing to look back on!

And another journalling card of "Jobs to do this month". Just a part of our day to day life (and a way to fill up free spots!!)

Week 3

I am up to date , well I am now behind as I have journalled and printed up to yesterday, but it feels so sgood and I am so happy with how it looks!! Hope you like it too!

As you can see, Stella loves looking through the album and seeing all the photos already!!

And for those interested, apparently the kits are now back in stock in NZ!! DO it, do it now!!

And some snippets of our day;

My POTD, Max fell asleep on the floor , when I was fussing around getting ready to go out, I had to wake him to dress him but how devine is he?

And the "T" week and craft continues;
We have made a collage ( to be added to) of magazine pictures of things that start with T and Stella glued them on.

We made trees out of toilet rolls and feathers.

And a turtle out of a paper plate, mosaic supplies , feathers, foam shapes, paper, drawings, you name it!!

As you can see, we had the best day, Walk along the foreshore with 2 beautiful friends ( And the kids behaved SO well in the prams), then back to the playground for a play for the kids, home to vacuum and mop and all went for a sleep. Craft when they woke up and lots of playing . Work tonight and Noel has tomorrow off!! Loving life!

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