Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In the past week or so, a few of my friends that have babies a similar age to ours, have asked me what I feed them. Now I am no Master Chef, nor an expert in baby food, but I do know what my babies like (or at least I like to think I do!!). Seeing as though Max and Lacey have been eating solids since 4 months (paeds orders), they are pretry good on the tooth!! We are now at a lumpy and chewing consistancy, even though they only have 2 teeth each. I have been just cooking and mashing different varieties of vegetables together, anything and everything, but its time to introduce some flavour! A few nights ago , we had Spaghetti Bog for tea.

Just the normal way I cook it, but I added grated carrot, chopped zucchini (should have grated) cauliflower and onion. Obviously we ate it as a family that night, but now Max and Lacey have it for their lunch and or/dinner at times. I just mashed it all with a potato masher and it was ready. Lacey LOVES it, Max not so much, he is a much fussier eater, like bland food and lots of it!!So I havce learnt now to add some baby rice (we use Rafferty's) and he likes it better!
Don't get me wrong, my babies eat packet and market bought food, but I prefer to make it all myself, and know what they are getting and eating.

Speaking of foo0d, how about these yummy, scrummy mangoes that we bought from a van outside Bunnings on Sunday!! I can't wait until they are ready to be eaten!!

This is how they man told us to ripen them. Add a banana on top and cover with tea towel and they will ripen in no time!

I love summer!!

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