Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Every year, between Christmas and New Year, I do a massive Spring Clean and cull of our house. Linen, laundry and kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, you name it, it gets cleaned and resorted. Its great doing it at the same time every year (with several smaller culls in between), because if we haven't used it , or I had the same doubts about it last time, chuck, out if goes.
This year I was able to Freecycle a whole heap of unwanted items, and also able to give to families in need , in Carnarvon, whom have been affected by the floods.
There is only so much stuff one person and family can have, and as the kids get older , the house is fuller!! And.. I don't like clutter!! I have to live with and deal with it, as I am a busy working Mum, but as soon as I get a chance, it has to go!! (Yes sis, I am anal!!)

My kitchen cupboards all got rearranged, as we have now bought 2 little cupboards with glass doors, for all our special wine , champagne and whiskey glasses and baskets of knick knack storage, and so there were cupboards left empty. Just before Christmas I got a Chippy to come out and quote me on a whole heap of jobs around the house on the "To Do List' and we will attempt to get them done , one by one, throughout the year! One of these jobs was installing a cupboard attached to the benchtop for our microwave with an utility cupboard below, can't wait until that is done!!
The excess and old cutlery and crockery was donated to Flood Victims and now I have these gorgeous , clean and organised cupboards. Its bliss!!

The main cupboard I like to have organised is the Linen Cupboard. It is a double sliding door cupboard, in the centre of our home, and it seems a prime dumping ground for anything we want out of side temporarily, yet it is always permanent!!

Again, stuff got chucked, donated and Freecycled, and then I set to work organising.
Each pile of sheets, Face Flannel, bibs etc were all put into plastic baskets (from the Discount stores) and then the shelves were labelled ( for Husbands benefit of course!!) Now there are no excuses for things ending up in the wrong pile! I still have to get a few super big baskets for the towels, as we use bath sheets and they are too big, but opening this cupboard is heaven !!
The proof is in the pud!

So, what do you rekon? Cool or what?! I tell you what though, all this organising is making our busy lives so so much easier, I hate it when you are busy and looking for something and you can't find it!!

*Please note- I have had a few people question where all my towels are? You are right, there are not many there for a family of 5, we keep all the kids towels in their bathroom cupboard as we were not using it for more than bubble bath and shampoo/toothepaste etc. Easy access for bath times and I am a natzi for changing their towels every few nights or so.
And our bibs are kept here as it is very close to the dining table and highchairs and it works better for us!


  1. WOW WOW WOW...I AM IMPRESSED...its like Jess Heaven!! haha... Well done! Looks GREAT!!! xo

  2. Love, love, love! You'd expect to get angels with harps come out when you open that linen cupboard Liz!

  3. Wish my linen cupboard looked like that!!

    Did you admire my utility cupboard?? hehe.
    You will love having one, makes the kitchen so much neater!!


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