Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Goodies

As you know, we have started our Easter decorating and now our Easter crafting. Nothing major, nor fancy, but it was very much enjoyed by Stella, and thats all the matters!

I bought some foam Easter eggs, 6 in a pack from Spotlight, and some feathers and Stella took to "Glueing" with them.

Such concentrations, and all with 2 little observers/helpers/wreckers!

Hmmm one second, a lapse in concentration and a bag or 2 of feathers got emptied onto the floor. By Max of course!

Guilty as charged!
"It wasn't me!"

The end results, I told you they weren't fancy, but she loves them, and I have a beautiful new home for them, will update my decorating pics soon!

Now some cool pickups that I nabbed at the shops. These I scored at our local Target. I have scoured and searched that place over the last few weeks and to no avail, yet the other day, these beauties surfaced!

A container of pastel and glittery eggs to hang on our tree!! CUTE

These super cool box of goodies! Little eggs to hang, little chicks, lots of hanging goodies, lots of decorations!

And this is a mask Stella made at Playgroup last Friday. Glitter went EVERYWHERE, but she had fun and loves it!

And some simple colouring in! I often wonder how she does it with all those jewels on, but she wears them everyday!

And nothing Easter related, but I found this in Target too!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Hmmm now for more ideas to get more Easter-fied!

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