Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesome one day, not the other!

Life in our house , has been a bit like the weather. Beautiful, sunny, happy, then , in thee next breath miserable , raining and cold!

On Monday, it was lovely and warm outside, but a typical windy Gero day (great for drying sheets and swimming towels!) , the kids enjoyed the sunshine, played in the sandpit and were in generally good moods considering their health.

Tuesday came, the sky was grey, then black, and the sky opened up and out came the rain! All 32mm of it!! It didn't stop, constant, all day. Great for farmers, not great for Sick kids or Mum's getting cabin fever, again....
And so the kids were more like this;

Poor Max

Poor Lacey

Stella was happy enough , but was stoked to be able to stay in her PJ"s longer!!

So... like I said, its amazing the way how the weather determines your mood, had it been sunny yesterday, the kids would have been outside frolicking around, regardless of the way they were feeling!!

And whoever said they liked winter, needs to come and live in our house for a bit, poor little darlings!!

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