Monday, June 20, 2011


Our house has been busy of late. We have quite a few projects on the go at once, and only ever 1 out of the 2 weekend days to do them (because of Noel playing football). However, things are starting to take shape, and I am feeling better about everything everyday! What I wouldn't give for a weekend retreat to catch up on my Project Life or a few , girly scrapbooking nights, but that'll all happen in time, I HOPE!

Here are a few snippets of what has been going on in our home;

We have enjoyed a few Pyjama days in the past few weeks, not me, the kids, but they love it. Well Stella loves it, and never really wants to get out of her Pj's. The kids have all been fairly sick with colds/chest infections/coughs , and then both Noel and I got it too, so we have been staying inside, rugged up and enjoying playing blocks, Train sets and creating little houses and tea parties!

Stella with Gypsy on her lounge chair, we made from Duplo, she is wearing a new scarf made by my sister, cute hey!

Max, playing in his favourite room of the house, Stella's room, in his snuggly sleep suit. So cute!!

Lacey, being mischeivious, climbing, and getting books down!! Yikes!
And simple afternoon teas, in a trashed toy room, but they are soooo cute all sitting like big people in their trackie dacks!

And Stella and I got a new Blythe Doll. We are sharing her, she was supposed to be mine, however, how can you stop the love?

Stella has affectionately called her Alice Angelina, which I thought was soooo creative until I watching Angelina Ballerina, haha . Bless her cotton socks!

And some super yummy goodies for Alice!! The most amazing little Linen pant set and floral top, and cute as a button floor mat (for Stella's up and coming doll house) made by the super talented Janelle Wind. Stella and I both love her goodies!

Some different, snacky lunches for my cherubs. Max and Lacey are at a hard age for lunches. They no longer like to be fed unless it is yoghurt so I am now giving them the same lunch as Stella. This day was Yoghurt, crackers, tomato, cheese, olives, hommus and a little lamington treat. And you know what!! They LOVED the hommus. Stella and Lacey like the olives (must be like their mother) but Max wasn't too fussed and decided to use them as missiles to throw around the room instead. Hmmmmm

And just one of our organising Projects was fot the toy room!. Now, this room, is the death of me, or it will be! It is insanely hard to make this room look more organised than what it is, and I now only tidy it twice a day. Before their lunch time sleep and before dinner/bed routine.

We are on a mission to streamline the house, and use our furniture more effectively to save on space and create more storage options. Seeing as though we are losing our "Spare room" which has been my sewing, craft room and also storage for all those extra bits and bobs and all our paper work (which has to be kept for 5 years from the salon).
So, we took out the corner TV unit, and turned an existing Expedit on its side (and also bought a new TV in a sale). A few more baskets and moving a few things around and voila!!
Not quite finished, but nearly!

I have spoken about my storage here before but I have all of the kids craft goods in the top white boxes, all labelled and out of reach of little fingers!

This weekend Noel put some new overhead cupboards into our teeny tiny laundry, all flat packed and they look fanastic ,and last week we purchased a big chest of drawers for our room ,and a buffet for the entrance, and they look fantastic!! We were on a budget of $1500 and its all come in well under so we are happy!
I will show pics once everything is looking perfect ;)

Hmmm, whats the next job? Ahhh moving the twins rooms of course, eeek!

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  1. WOW the kids are growing up!!! They are getting sooo big!!! ...and the toyroom is looking fantastic!! Well done!! xx


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