Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some Festive Fun

So I have finally managed to find some time (away from the Christmas baking, crafting, shopping, organising) to do a post all about the latter, but also found a time when Blogger wasn't being difficult!
Must be male, ooooops, did I say that? :)

Incase you hadn't noticed , its December, Christmas time, and my favourite time of the year!!
This year is particularly special for us, we have a new addition , making our little Morrison family complete ( I could keep having kids forever , but I wont) and also because our biggest poppet is a fantastic age and is really getting into the spirit, its so beautiful.

As previously shown, our house is decorated, and now the tree is up. What a mission!!
We have 2 little toddlers, who like to play with "Balls" hmmmm, but finally they have stopped touching and playing!! ThankGOD, the novelty wore off!

The kids and the tree (this is where the photos start!)

Stella and her beloved Daddy putting the star on the tree top.

And our 4 beautiful children! Hmm this was the best one of the 4 of them! Nice hey ;)


We have been crafting, with a little potato stamping.......

We have had Christmas parties galore, this one is for our Suberb, put on by the development company in a park on our street and it was great! Mini put, lawn bowls, tug of war, treasure hunts, jukebox, SANTA!!

And the kids opening their presents! Such fun and excitement! So beautiful to be a part of the magic for them!

He's a boy alright!


My little bubba is growing too quickly!! Such a sweet, happy and content little man.
Pictured here at nearly 6 weeks.


Loved and adored much?!


More Christmas party fun, this time Playgroup!!
And facepainting!
Unfortunately Max and Lacey missed out on this, they were struck by the dreaded Gastro bug, aswell as hubby.
Awful awful, but at least it didnt; last for long!


    And capturing the look on her little face when Santa turned up on the back of a Fire truck = Priceless!!

A happy beautiful little girl and my little friend! (Mummy will miss her next year when she is at Kindy!!)

OMG!! Santa sent me an email? With my photo on it?! Watching her video from Santa! If you haven't done one for you kids, do it now!! Portable North Pole HERE

Snapped reading our nightly book, a Christmas favourite!


And Stella and I had a girly night (with Grandma too!) to go to Carols by Candlelight. She was so excited!

                                                     Some Christmas nibbles to sweeten the deal

                                                                          Me and my big girl!

                                                                   Christmas crafting!

The cutest Chairbackers know to man!! From Pottery Barn Kids
We have been using these like Letterboxes to Santa, Stella has been drawing pictures etc and posting them, and sometimes she receives a surprise in return! 

                                                           Hand print trees and Reindeers!

Thats not all!! Still to come is some sweet Christmas baking!!

Oooww I told you I love this time of the year!!

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