Monday, June 25, 2012

The latest craze!

So it seems I have surcummbed to the latest craze for Mummies!
What do they call it ? Mummy Porn? Why its the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon of course!!
To say I was feeling left out , is rather an understatement, as it seems every man and his dog, or rather every woman and her friend, have read or are reading (and getting much pleasure from it too!) the book series!!

Now I am not normally a trend follower! Not on purpose. As in, I don't purposely set out to buck the system and its not out of spite. I am just never interested in them.

First there was the Da Vinci Code. Sounded interesting, and I am sure one day, I would like to read it, but it was a bit too heavy thinking for me at the time of release. I just didn't have the brain space for all that information and speculation.

Then , a few years down the track, came the Twilight craze!! My lord!! People were siding with characters , 'Team Jacob' or whatever ( I hope I refering to the right book here!) and it seemed like yet again, everyone was reading, watching, lusting , crushing on someone or some character.

Now, 2012 craze is the sensual (and I have heard explicit and raunchy) series featuring Christian Grey! Everyone has been staying up to all hours , spending days reading these addictive books. Kids around the world are being neglected ( not really , but you know what I mean) because Mum is busy reading. Apparently you need to just sit down, read them and get it over and done with, get it out of your system.
If there isn't talk at morning teas, its at playgroups, Mums nights out, Facebook banter. You name it , nothing is safe anymore. And now people are trying to pick a celeb to play Christian , if it was to be turned into a movie. Who fits the profile for you?
Whoever it may be , I sense a lot of husbands/partners have been walking around with more than a smile upon their faces lately, so they may not object to their better halves reading such nonsense.

So.... now that the Baptism is done with (post coming with details and pics tomorrow) , I am about to embark on my journey with Christian Grey. Wish me luck, see you on the flip side!


  1. Enjoy your Rendevous with Christian grey!! It's scandalous!!! I loved them!

  2. I am reading book 3. I must say I read number 1 in about 4 days. But I have slowed down and I am actually really enjoying the story line. I dont usually follow the crazes either I have only seen the first twilight and well hunger games doesnt even make it on my radar. But I joined the Christian Grey faze. lol Enjoy reading them.

  3. I'm the same as you, have never read a Harry Potter book, don't like the movies, never got into Twilight although seen a couple of the movies but Christian Grey has done something to me, I'm only a few chapters in but there is a spark alive within. Whislt waiting for my Chai Latte at the weekend I spied a guy, who would not be my normal type but he was everything Christian Grey may well be. Swoon. My husband asks why I'm smiling whilst I am reading - now I am sitting at work, wanting to be at home whilst the house is quiet and needing to be cleaned with a cup of hot chocolate and just me and Christian Grey - enjoy and look forward to your thoughts.

  4. Ohh I'm the same! I hate following trends! - Am yet to get an Iphone haha

    But I was at Big W .. and saw them sitting there.. and $10 I had to buy!

    It is good - It's more you dont want to put it down (Have the 2nd but am yet to start yet) :)

  5. I didnt enjoy it.

    Not that i hated it, i just didnt really like it. But I didint like the Bella/Edward relationship this is based on either.

    if you want i can send you the first one?


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