Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fifty Shades of..... blushing

Mission Complete. I came , I read, I obsessed, I finished.
Mission "Read these popular books" is complete.
Remember I posted about my intent HERE
I must admit, to begin with, I think like everyone else I was a bit 'meh'.
It seemed rather boring, took a fairly long time to get into and I don't usually like that in a book. I lose interest, put the book down and don't start it again for another 12 months when we go on holidays again. 
However these were different. I knew they had to get better, or everyone was raving about some seriously boring stuff.
And boy did they get more interesting!
I finished all 3 books in 4 days. I liked them. I liked them a lot!!
Do I think there were well written? Not particularly.
Do I think that they were super interesting? Not really.
Do I think some of the content was a bit..... off? Maybe.

But you know what?! Who cares!! Seriously!
I am no writer, so who am I to judge? I find it amusing that all these critics/ bloggers/wannabe book reviewers are writing these scathing, negative reviews. Knocking the writer and her talent, the story line, the "raunchy" scenes and the "behind all the sex scenes the story line was lame" sorta attitudes.

To me a book is about entertainment. They take me to a world and place that is different to mine. Its a break from reality and a bit of fun. I think if people are taking books too seriously, then they need a bit more spice in their life!! Just sayin', a bit of Christian Grey kinda spice maybe?! Just sayin'.

Behind all the Mummy Porn stuff ( and I am NOT saying I didn't like it, hmmmm I perhaps did, and so did my husband, let me tell you! ;)) I really liked the story line. My good friend actually summed it up well, the story line is one for everyone to think about. Looks can be deceiving, and people manage to put up pretty good fronts. I think it was a great reminder that in life we are all too quick to judge people and they way they are. Because sometimes they have been dealt a pretty terrible hand, and this defines and makes them who they are. Or at least gives them a bit of an excuse for their behaviour. You just never know.
Not only that but also about change. It is possible for people to change, to improve and take a more positive step in their lives, all with a bit of love , guidance and TLC.

Without giving too much away , Christian had a terrible start to life, in the most influential years of a child , and had some terrible things done to him. Then as a teenager, there were some "complex" issues to kick start his sexual experiences and these all made him a bitter, troubled soul.
Then he found Anastasia.

Henry Cavill- British Actor and voted as the best image of Christian Grey yet, on the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Facebook page. Who would you choose to play him in a movie?
 So... all in all... I love them!! I miss the characters, I miss the gorgeous Christian Grey and I miss the love and passion they have for each other. I think you know when you genuinely enjoyed a book when you can say that about the characters.
The books have given me a new outlook on my relationship with my husband and my love for him (excuse the sappiness) but it really does make you realise just how lucky you are sometimes.

The OMG kinky moments were a tad hard to digest, but it takes all sorts of people , and they were enlightening and entertaining that is for sure!

And as a result of the books? I am sure there are plenty of husbands and partners out there that loved them just as much!!!

So if you haven't read them already, I encourage you to do so, what have you got to lose?
Laters baby....


  1. I decided to read them once I knew it was a female author. I loved them. I'm half way through the third book for the second time. Can't wait for the movie(s).

  2. I'm still in the "meh" category but I didnt like the realtionship it was based on either (bella/edward from Twilight)


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