Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Main Bathroom

As spoken about in my last post (sorry for the whinge by the way, but thank you ALL for your unbelievable support and responses) I am embarking on a series of organising and budget savvy projects and tips. I plan on sharing one a week, maybe more, but certainly no less.
I do hope you can participate in these projects with me, share any ideas or requests you may have and even share some photos on my Facebook page - I would love to see the results and fruits of your labour.

The first of many, many jobs that needed doing was a tidy up of our Main bathroom. This is the bathroom our 3 oldest kids ( they are still only 4, 2, 2) use and often like to play in during the day ( Much to my absolute disgust!!)

This bathroom is absolutely tiny. Painfully small in fact. Our en suite is about double the size. Silly really.
 We purchased our house as a Spec Home, it was during the construction stage but the plan was locked in and well underway by then. Needless to say, if we ever built a house, I would be increasing the size of the Main bathroom.
I will do a run through as to how I have reorganised things in here for practicality and ease.

To store the kids bath toys ( they don't have too many as I don't like to use ones that hold water and get mouldy , yuck!) we use the cool Boon Frog Pod. These are fantastic for storing toys, as the scoop detaches for ease of clean up and the water can drain freely. There is also a space on the top for storing bath products.
We have had ours for well over 12 months, Max and Lacey received it as a present for their first Birthdays. I know they are pricey , but they are well worth the money, so maybe instead of buying another Fisher Price toy for your child's birthday or Christmas, this is the perfect alternative.

 I like to have a hand towel somewhere convenient in the bathroom as the kids are forever washing their hands, I know it can only be a good thing, however sometimes I don't feel that way!
So that the towel hangs to a perfect height for the kids, and because we have limited hanging space with towels etc, we use an S hook ( I bought a pack for our Laundry organising ) and had a few spare. I bought them from Ikea but have also seem them in Red Dot and Bunnings.
They hang perfectly, I just have to make sure I purchase hand towels with a large tag at the back.


Our kids use Electric Toothbrushes, as do we. Its actually a lot easier to clean their teeth more thoroughly and faster with them (and they got them for their birthdays , boring parents huh? But kids don't care and they love them!)
In the white tin , from Ikea, we store a few manual toothbrushes, toothpaste and a rinsing cup.

I have found that the most economical hand wash for our family to use is actually the Enjo Method Foaming hand wash. Because it foams, you are using less, and one pump fills your hand. Not only that , but the top locks in so that no little fingers can have a party with the foams all over the bathroom (which has happened before with another product!!)

In the Vanity cupboard, we store all the kids towels. As we had more children, and the Linen cupboard filled up, and bath time became more stressful, this seemed like the logical place for them. Easy access and perfect for visitors too.
Our baby bath seat is stored on the bottom shelf and I have just resorted the top baskets and labelled them accordingly.
The jug is for washing hair in the bath.

The bath products now get stored in these great Skubb boxes from Ikea. About $9 for a pack of 6, they are really cheap, washable, wipable and perfect for wet surfaces. I had these left over from other organising projects and just re purposed them here.
The one on the left has the excess products, as I like to purchase things in advance when on special, and also some creams and oils for different skin  ailments, irritations etc.
The one on the right is for Face washers/flannels. Again for convenience.
The labels were made on the computer, cut out using a scallop circle punch then a larger circle punch in a cute card stock.

So there you have our simple storage and organising for the essentials during bath time and peak hour!! The only thing missing, would be some cute wall art, as the room looks a bit dull, and I have found the perfect pieces.
More details and links tomorrow
Have Friday everyone!


  1. I have just found your blog and absolutely LOVE it!! Many inspiring ideas.

    I love the idea of the handtowel on an S hook. I have been covetting the Boon frog for a long time and you have convinced me that it might be a good idea to just get one. I do love the idea of having a scoop to collect all of the toys.
    You have motivated me to do some reorganising of our bathroom. With a very inquisitive 17 month old and one on the way I think it's time I got on top of it and your ideas are simple, affordable and quick to achieve.

  2. Hi Liz, your bathroom is exactly the same layout as mine but opposite orientation!!

    I did a bathroom organising post a few weeks ago, here's the link and you can see my bathroom layout too. We have different taps but I think the sink might even be the same!

    I hang our handtowel on over-the-door towel holders.


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