Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Shared Wardrobe

My 'Organising on a Budget' project for this week is a bit late (sorry) but is a join Wardrobe in our home.
Max and Lacey, our gorgeous 2 year old twins, share a room and will probably for quite some time. They have always shared, have never slept apart and both need and want each other there to fall asleep (so cute).
However, as cute as it is, sharing also brings other problems. Especially when they aren't the same sex!
Our kids bedrooms are quite small, so space is of the essence, and with 2 beds there isn't room left for much else, especially a bulky chest of drawers, so all of Max and Lacey's clothes and shoes need to be stored in the double door wardrobe.

Most of their clothes are folded, and kept in wire drawers in the wardrobe, and only their good clothes are hung. This saves space and I believe it makes dressing them easier. When going out somewhere a little more special than everyday activites/home play then I choose something from the top, if its a normal day with a normal routine then I choose items from the drawers. Obviously there is the exception of jeans etc , as I fold them also ( I also keep my own jeans this way).

So on the weekend, I did a thorough cull and sort of their clothing, and set about to making some cute labels for the drawers and boxes at the top.
I am pleased with how it turned out, its quite hard to make so many things look neat!

We have had the wire drawers for some time, but if you are interested , the ones on the left are from IKEA here and the ones on the right are from Crazy Clarkes (these are 2 on top of each other) and they are relatively inexpensive. The basket in the middle holds a selection of soft toys, lots I would like to part with but can't for some reason or other!
The bottom of the right hand side is Max's and the left is Laceys (hence the pink) .

The top right side drawers are shared and go in sequence like this;

Teddies and Bathers
 (they sleep with a small rug with a teddy attached at night and we have spares for washing)
Socks and Hats
Underwear and singlets

Then Max's clothes start
Shirts (long and short sleeve)

Lacey's drawers are in the same order and both have the bottom drawer for their shoes. I love having the shoes in a drawer, easy to throw in and it still looks neat and tidy.
Inside the drawers I have used a mix of SKUBB boxes from IKEA and some plastic trays from a cheapie shop to containerise all the small items and keep each seperate. So the left side has a box for Lacey's Knickers and the right side a box for Max's little jocks. You can see how I organised Stella's drawers some time ago with the same boxes here.

The labels add a nice finishing touch and helps when darling Dad puts the clothes away now that I have rearranged a few items!

At the top of the wardrobe we have a shelf and I have used the basic PAPPIS box from IKEA, a spare white box from another project and a plastic storage tub.
These are all great for containing items and creating a neater look. The plastic tub is for clothing that is too small. Instead of placing the clothes back in the drawer or wash , when they are proven to be too small, they go straight in the tub. When the tub is full, it will be taken to the garage for storage (until Angus needs them from Max or until I go to a market to onsell most of Lacey's and earn a few dollars back) and the tub will be replaced with another.
A few backpacks sit up there too, just incase something happens to the ones they are using or they are in the wash.

The brown (and white) boxes house their keepsake and precious items, aswell as a left over box from another project. The kids are very fortunate ( I think..... at least I keep telling myself!) that they receive quite a lot of little trinkets and the like that are not to be played with , but that is quite hard to tell 2 year olds when the little goodies are sitting on their bookcase! So I put them away in a box until the time is right, or if they are on display, I like to keep the box handy and intact just incase. All these things go into the labelled boxes.
There is also a box for their sleeping bags, as they received them for Christmas and we use them when we go away.

I just made the A5 labels up with some digital scrapbooking paper and laminated them. I love the uniform look. And fancy that?! The drawer labels match ;)

I am so pleased with the finished wardrobe and I hope that I may have helped you with your storage issues in a small or shared bedroom. I know that not everyone has a double wardrobe, or even built ins for that matter and we are lucky in that regard but we are short on space.
These drawers and the small touches certainly do help when making the most of what we do have and making the space work for us!

I am proud to say that I did not go out and buy anything for this project, having repurposed pieces from around our home or my storage stash ( I tend to buy when they are on special or when I am in the city and can purchase from stores we don't have in town).
Apart from a few laminating pouches and the paper and ink, the project was super budget friendly, even if you do have to buy a few storage boxes and drawers.

To make this project easier for you to complete at home and for your convenience ( I find it annoying when you read a blog post and someone says they made labels , and they look really cool and you really really want them, but have to make them yourself!! haha Lazy or what?!), I am sharing the drawer labels as a printable for you! They are in a lovely green colour so totally unisex , for big and small so download and print away! I dare you!!

pdf version - Wardrobe labels

If you have missed the other projects completed so far in the 'Organising on a Budget' series, you can find them here;

Are you playing along? Finding inspiration in simple yet cost effective projects that can change your home and the way it runs? Please share some photos with me if you are, I would love to see them!
Thankyou for all your support for these posts, its so lovely to see people taking what they need from them and using it how they please!
Next up;
The toy room reveal!!
It has been a long process, of gradually buying things as the budget allowed but I am thrilled with the way it has turned out, small changes and big impact!!


  1. Hi Liz,

    Just as I expected - wonderful and organised to perfection!! You have done such a great job with the labels.

    I have just put the Ikea Storage units in to my laundry, but instead of the wire baskets I have used plastic tubs. I love them and will feature them soon.

    Your family is so lucky to have such a clever and creative mummy.

    Allison xx

  2. Looks fantastic Liz. Very neat and organised. Love the labels too :)


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