Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toy Room Questions and Answers

Wowzers!! What an overwhelming response I had to the Toy Room Makeover post!!
Thankyou so much for all your lovely comments ! Its so nice to know that everyone loves the space as much as we do! The colours are so lovely and cheery and we are loving the new touches.
I have received a few questions about various things around the room, so I will try and cover those here , but if anyone else would like to know anything, please do not hesitate to flick me an email and I'll try and answer everything the best I can ( or remember)
First up, one of the requests was for some inside shots of our toys. Even though the Toy room looks as if there are a lot of toys, as there are a lot of baskets, most of them are only half full and there are even a few that are empty. In our home , I do cull toys on a regular basis and try to only purchase ones that are wooden or more natural. The kids tend to play with the same things everyday, trains, lego, wooden blocks, cars and dress ups. Throw in a kitchenette and some play food and they are set for a good time forever!
So here is a sneak peek inside a few baskets for you!
Cars are a real necessity for any toy room, even for families of just girls I believe. These are the communal cars, and ones for when other children come over to play, Max has his special cars in a Carry All from Pottery Barn that he carries them around in , and they keep them separate.

Puzzle boards, the pieces are in the top basket, in zip lock bags and labelled accordingly.

Balls- just that and not too many just yet. These are on the Christmas list for the kids actually!

Phones- something we can not escape and I find these are great for the kids to play with for Role Play and imagination. Some are old phones , others play ones.

Wooden Blocks- classic and still a hit everyday!

Another Question was how I store our soft toys, well this is it! As above,they are stored in 2 baskets in the Toy Room and individual special ones with each child on their beds or in their rooms,
I tend to only keep the special soft toys, they are real dust collectors and you tend to accumulate so many over time!

The gorgeous labels create such a uniform look. Love them!
Another question was about the Target print , and what did is say. Here is a closer photo, as you can see , it is just perfect for a childs room or play area. I bought it on sale a little while ago but I am sure you could find one in a store somewhere , or perhaps try a home shopping store.

More details on the Curtains- They are from Spotlight and VERY reasonably priced for what they are. They came in a green and blue, but they were different patterns. I can not for the life of me remember the brand name , but hopefully this pic will help you further!

Lastly, a question about the kids pencil turntable, pictured at the top of the photo below.
This is a Mini Lazy Susan from Pottery Barn. Its a perfect size, divided and obviously spins for convenience. I bought it some time ago , and it was pricey but has been well worth the cost!
I hope I have answered your queries adequately, and like I said, if there are any other bits and pieces anyone would like to know about, just let me know!
Thankyou all for your support, yet again, now on to the next big project!!
But it might just be selling up and building yet!! eeeek

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