Sunday, November 18, 2012


Another busy few weeks have passed. The blog front has been relatively quiet but rest assured, there is A LOT in the works at the moment, and I dare say you will be sick of me and my posts soon enough!!

We are busy preparing for Stella's dance concert this weekend, with 2 rehearsals this week, full dress rehearsal on Thursday night then 3 concerts over the weekend.
We have had Home Opens and private inspections, ice block day at school, play dates, sporting commitments (for us not the kids!) and this week also brings Parent help , a school excursion and that is all as well as dancing.
No wonder I am quiet on here hey?
Its just the silly season I guess!
So here you go, a few snippets of life lately,  to bring you up to speed .

I MAY, ok I AM the most spoilt wife EVER!
My husband surprised me with a special delivery!!

A Thermomix!

They are totally expensive, but also TOTALLY worth it! And with him being Gluten intolerant , this is making our lives so much easier, and yummier of course!! So lots of playing has been happening of course!

Our Littlest boy is growing so fast right before our eyes! He loves to sit and read, play blocks and puzzles and LOVES playing with cars!

He also loves to climb! On everything!

Poor Lacey fell over last week, severed that little bit of skin under her top lip. Biggest, fattest, blackest swollen lip you ever did see. A trip to the dentist and a few wobbly top teeth, the poor poppet. But we are anxiously waiting to see if they will go grey yet!

I realised I forgot to share some Halloween dress up pics!! The kids had a ball!! Loved it!

And of course, the general day to day playing and learning as always. Here Stella is showing Angus how to do his new puzzle.

Don't  you just love chubby baby/toddler feet? I sure do!

Stay tuned, lots happening in this space soon!

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