Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review- Personal Planner

Today I want to share with you something that I have fallen in love with!

So its pretty obvious that my life can get rather busy. Always a fair bit happening, appointments for 6 people to keep track of, netball and scrap booking for me, water polo for my husband, dancing , school, meetings , bring and shares.... You name it, I need to record it somewhere and I my diary/planner to work for me!

I have been putting some careful thought into what diary I would use for 2013, and with so many on the market, and each offering their own pros and cons, its hard to make a decision.
Then I was lucky enough to be offered a planner to review.
I wasn't familiar with personal-planner.com.au but I really don't think I will be using much else from now on!
When I set out to creating my planner, I was amazed at home many choices were available and just how far I could personalise everything. The colours, the pictures ,the layouts. What times you wanted on days, what other planning tools I wanted on the bottom of each page and my favourite by far, what sort of cover you would like.
 I just love that our gorgeous family is on the cover. I really makes the diary more special to me. The photo is nearly 12 months old, but I knew I wanted a family shot and it represents such a joyous time with us celebrating our new family of 6!

I was speechless when I pulled my planner out of its cute little box (perfect for postage!) and got to feel its glossy pages and see my cute kiddies and handsome hubby.
I even got to choose what colour elastic I wanted to keep the book shut!

You can of course, just choose a plain cover, or any of the templates they have to choose from also.

I chose an A5 size, as I like my diary's to fit into my handbag or nappy bag , yet still have room to record everything I need it to.
I didn't want times to be put on each day, but with a daily weather recorder at the bottom. I plan to use this section for my Project Life details.When I journal I like to say what sort of day it had been weather wise and it means if I get behind it is still all recorded.

     There is an overview double page layout for 2013 which is great for forward planning etc

Before I sent my planner off for printing, I added all of our important family birthdays , so that my diary stays neat and tidy and I didn't have to transfer all these like I usually do!

And I love how all the important days or Public holidays are highlighted red, and even with cute little symbols!

Down the base of each page I was able to customise the sections and chose Ideas/Goals ....

        A To -Do List and a blank line space for recording notes or more Project Life bits and pieces.

The back of the dairy is also customizable, so I went for a traditional Address Book Layout and some plain lined paper. I like to have a special and convenient space for recording gift ideas I may think of throughout the year, planning for important events or functions or just day to day recording.
The possibilities are endless however, and there is even a Sudoku option!! Too cool!

I LOVE that I was able to choose everything for my own planner, as I often find 'the perfect one' but then its missing some crucial pieces I like to have or I tend to waste space and options they do include!
I love that I can take this everywhere with me, and it will stay intact as the cover is well protected with the plastic and the pages are nice and thick and glossy.
And one of the best things has been able to choose when my diary starts. Every year, around this time, I am disappointed as I have to carry around 2 planners. Next years for forward planning and this years as I am still using it. This diary , I started in the last week in November, so from now on, I only have to carry this around. Perfect (Plus I am too impatient to wait as I love it!)

So if you are wondering what planner you are going to choose for 2013. Confused by choice and never satisfied with products on the market, this is the planner for you!!
Head on over to personal-planner.com.au and create your special planner too!!

Disclosure- I was provided with my personal planner for free, however all the opinions are my own and are only shared out of honesty, I really do LOVE It!


  1. What a gorgeous planner Liz and that photo on the cover of you guys is just stunning. x

  2. This is what I have been looking at getting for awhile now! I keep going on there and designing it each time but then never purchase it. Im tossing up between Lorna Jane's Diary and this one! Eep. Haha x

  3. Ooh that is so what I need too! Especially with the girls starting school next year. I NEED to be more organised!

  4. Oh I am glad you posted as I was looking at similar but from the US and would much rather buy in Australia.

  5. That is awesome, I want one!!!

  6. I ordered one of these diaries last week for my husband for Xmas and it is already on its way. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Love, Love, Love. If I dont win, Im getting one anyway!! Love and miss you! x


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