Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beaded Candy Canes

After gaining inspiration from the wonderful Pinterest,  I knew I had to add these Beaded Candy Canes to our craft list this Christmas. Our girls have a love of all things beaded, as most girls do, and I knew I had the materials in our supplies already.

All you need are a few Pipe cleaners ( I used skinny ones as we had these in our craft box and the beads only have small holes) 
Some beads ( the red, green and white are fished out of these IKEA beads

I decided this activity was better done on the floor. The beads can't fall any further and I was able to be closer to help all of the kids at the same time.  I just bent and secured one end for the kids and they did all the rest, slowly threading each bead with great care!

I thought that I may need to help Angus a fair bit, or even finish his for him (he often loses interest very quickly with craft activities) however , he sat and threaded his whole pipe cleaner and absolutely LOVED it! What awesome fine motor practice!

As you can see he was all 'SMILES'

Once the Pipe cleaners were full , I bent and secured each end and then shaped them into what looked like Candy Canes (well sort of!) 
They were all so proud of their creations!

And much to their surprise , I said they could hang them on the Christmas Tree!! (Mum is a bit of a tree Nazi!)

And I think they look just gorgeous!!

This may be a good craft activity to add to your list to do, an it is great for all ages!! 
They would be gorgeous as gifts for friends or family , or something a little special and personal to add to a simple Christmas card! 

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