Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Alive!!

Hello out there, can anybody hear me?!
Yep, I am well and truely alive just fell off the radar for a bit!
Life with 3 kids under 2 and a bit is certainly busy, to say the least and I am finding it hard these days to find the time to do anything, even shower and some mornings, if I have to be somewhere early, my mother dearest will come over for 15mins so I can at least shower and feel half decent.

The twins are pretty good babies and growing so rapidly, and so they should too, all they want to do is feed, especially Max!!
He has inherited the name Maximus Figitus , as he does just that, figits, all day , and as soon as his little eyes open , instantly hungry. Other Mums and Midwives have said that its just boys , but I am yet to really believe that ,as I just think its his wee little personality, he has been like that since he was in my tummy, always the mover and shaker!
All in all, we are very lucky as they are both dear little people.

I am enjoying having a full weekend as a family at the moment, as I have always worked Saturdays and returned to work on Sats when Stella was 7 weeks old, so its great to be able to spend 2 days in a row with Noel and now our kids.
Saturday night we went to a friends 30th party, Stella had a sleep over at my parents and we had a great social night out.
Sunday morning we fed up the babies , picked up Stella and headed out to the Oakabella homesteads Annual Market day, it was a gorgeous day, and we enjoyed the family outing, but its always entertaining taking our crew out at the moment.
First Max woke and was unsettled so I put him in the front pouch, then Lacey woke and did the same so Noel carried her, then Stella wanted out of the pram, so we were left with this massive pram, EMPTY!!
Oh the joys!
Anyway, can anyone please tell me how I can create links on my page, ie: when I want you to check out other stuff on net and list the web addy, how come its not a direct link if I copy and paste the addy?
and I reaaly need to learn how to jazzy up my blog, advice anyone?
Best be off, I am dying to do some sewing but the babies are playing tag teams, but Stella is with her grandparents so its the perfect opportunity!!

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