Thursday, June 17, 2010

A fairy visited our house!!

True, I tell you, a fairy DID visit our house, and what a godsend the fairy has been!!
The Dummy fairy of course!
Its something that we have been discussing for a while now, when .
When is the right time to take a security item off your 2 year old when her life has literally just been turned upside down, times 2!!
Luckily, her dummy broke, and it was at daycare. I knew it was split, and decided to not give her a new one and bin it myself, but I didn't think it would break that day either.
She came home from daycare with a dummy that was split in half, and we did the whole "put it in the bin" thing and SHE DID!! We also explained that the dummy fairy would come and visit and take the dummy , and give it to a baby that needs a dummy. And she accepted that. The big girl she is now.
All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for her gorgeous daycare lady , Jo. Stella loves her, adores her, and asks nearly every day "Jo's house?" No sorry love, you are stuck with boring old Mum today. And it doesn't upset me, I actually find it reassuring , that she loves going there and it has made daycare an awesome experience for our whole family. Hopefully she will have vacancies when the twins need care, *hint hint*. So needless to say, because Stella does love Jo, she does alot there that she doesn't do at home, (ie: sit on a big girl toilet etc) and therefore I am ever grateful the dummy broke at her house too!!
Were we scare for the first night?! YES
Did she cry and get upset?! YES
Did we have an unsettled night with her?! NO NO NO
Yeeeehhhaaa, but I must admit, I am very very sad that my little baby is no longer, she is a big girl now and there is no denying it now. She talks like a trooper, full sentences and is just like a normal person speech wise, therefore she has understood everything.
So today I decided to go out and buy her a present, from the Dummy Fairy of course.
When she came home from daycare, it was left on her bed, with a little note

Dear Stella,
Thankyou for leaving your dummy for me, to give to a baby that needs it.
Love the Dummy Fairy

She got a book, Finding Nemo DVD, Alphabet flash cards and a Lollipop, and guess what she loved the most?! The lollipop of course!

Oh how nice to not hear her talk through her dummy when upset, cry out for it and have to attempt to take it away ourselves, couldn't have done it better if we tried! Now she just has her Teddy Ruggy, but we are happy for her to have that forever if she wants, but it will live under her pillow for quiet and sleep times.

I am on an organising and decluttering mission with our house, as we think we will sell and buy a friends down the road, ohhh the joys. But I do love chucking stuff out and decluttering, I even bought a label maker! OCD Anyone?!


  1. aaww thanks Liz! I am glad it went so smoothly for you at home too!
    She is getting so grown up our little Stel Bel, I need to stop thinking of her as a baby and start thinking of her as a big girl now LOL
    PS She looks like she has won the lottery with that lttle bag of goodies there!!

  2. Oh Liz you are my idol! You have just given me the best idea for making my daughter give up her dummy when the time comes! I love the dummy fairy thing!! Love it and BIG thanks!! : )

    Keegan Rigby

  3. No problem, glad I could help. Its such a hard thing to do I think, Stella LOVED her dummy but there comes a time it has to go! GOod luck!


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