Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Christening again....

Ok, so more on the fantastic day we had on Sunday for our babies Baptism.
During the week I was tryinng to get prepared by pre cutting and punching all of the cupcake toppers , lolly bag toppers and signs.  I knew I would not have time on the weekend as we were so busy with other things.
So this is how my dining table looked;

The basic glass jars are from Crazy Clarks, and the yellow plates and crepe paper from our party shop.
The jars were filled with Banana lollies, choc coated sultanas and Lemon Fizz to add to the look and go with the them, not to mention the sweet tooth guests!

I made the paper bunting, simply by punching out the scollop flowers, my punch is a Stampin' Up one, and using a variety of different scrapbooking papers, I then just sewed them all together on my sewing machine, it seriously took less than 5 mins!! Even Noel was amazed, and it was so so effective!

I am pretty stoked with the way the table turned out and looked on the day, and the guest were pretty amazed too, its amazing what a llittle bit more effort can do!
The lanterns were all from our local party shop as the Crepe paper Pom Poms I had ordered of Etsy , didn't arrive!

All the food on the sweet table, apart from a fruit platter! I made;
Passionfruit biscuits
White choc and Pineapple muffins
Mulberry and Coconut muffins
Choc chip cookies
A chocolate cake
Banana and Date muffins
AND my sister made a scrummy choc coconut slice
Not to mention all the mini Pizzaz (homemade by my Dad)
Chicken wings
Sausage rolls
Volivants (sp sorry)

At the back on the right are the Lolly bags, I just used simple plastic bags with a tear of seal , ( I got off Ebay for something ages ago but they came and weren't the size I wanted) and added a piece of scrapbooking paper folded over at the top, staples and added a scolloped circle punch out of my labels I got made off Etsy. They are all the yellow and brown cake toppers and labels you see all over the food. So simple, cheap and yet so effective. The creators name is Stephanie from Anna and Blue Paperie , you can find her Etsy shop HERE. She was so quick and easy to deal with, I am most certainly using her again! You simple purchase the template for a custom design, and you get to pick the little picture, the sayings and the colours from her large range , then she sends you the file and you can print as many times, on whatever you want.
I did some on paper (for the lolly bags ) and some on card (for cake toppers) and I did them double sided but you don't have to. I just placed some double sided table on the reverse of one after punching it out (you don't have to punch them but I did) then put a toothpick on then the other piece down and voila!

Cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch!

So there you have our gorgeous set up, I was so please that everything went well, with all the kids behaving so well and the day going off without a hitch, my little precious poppets deserved it!
Some of these ideas are mine, most of them are others I have seen on blogs and around the place, regardless, next time you host a party or gathering, try a simple, cheap finishing touch to make everything that big my special ;)
I will share more photos of the twins and our family soon, once they are edited!

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  1. Oh that looks fantastic Liz, well done! We are doing the same colour theme for Ari's birthday soon, thought that is all about dump trucks and loaders, not pretty things :). But love how the yellow black and white looks together.


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