Thursday, October 28, 2010


Not the like that, my Wisdom teeth are killing me!!
I was supposed to have them out a few years ago BUT I chickened out fell pregnant with Stella! 3 years on, I still can't go in to get them done cos I am breastfeeding, so I have had to make a promise to my DH , to call and make the appointment, the day I stop feeding, maybe ...........
SO, even with a swollen face (yep, my cheek is swollen and inside my mouth, so much so I keep biting it!) I feel better today after my vent, see I knew this blog thing would be a good idea! I feel I have to mention too, everything seems worse for me at the moment, cos my darling Mum is away. Heaven forbid, she has gone to Melbourne for the week for a conference (with my Dad, and I do miss him too) but everything seems worse when you can't have a Mummy cuddle, snuggly cuddle or shoulder to cry on. Soooooo hurry up Mum, and how dare you leave us!! ;)

Craft for today was creating a crown. Nothing says yellow more to me than a crown and Stella loves them. We say the song,
Making a crown, making a crown, with a bit of this, and a bit of that, making it shine, making is shine, so it sparkles and twinkles all over , in starrrrrr light!!
We sang it for agggesss 10 minutes whilst she went on her merry way glueing and patting things down, and boy did she smile when it was finished.

Cutting out the crown

Stella glueing everything on it, some stickers too

Very proud of the finished product!!
 Another quickie , was a balloon man, where she had to stick on his hair.

Mr Balloon man (yes I know I need a new black texta!!)

He needs a good hairdresser!

I have made up our plan for next week, let me know if you would like me to do a post on it, don't want to bore every now do we?
And I will be back with MY craft project later, nothing like suspense!!

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