Friday, October 22, 2010


I am seriously flattered, and stunned and so many other emotions at the moment too, but those are the ones that come to mind when I look at the stats of my blog!!
150 viewers the day I posted last!! 150!! Holy macaroli! Thankyou so much for those that are viewing, I am flattered, I do hope that it you are enjoying my blog, I know I am enjoying putting it together.
So things have been FULL ON here this week.

My beautiful babies are getting big;

Well a few weeks back, sorry I have run out of time to photograph the finished product, I bought this letter "S" (Stella knows its S for Stella) and I wanted to tizzy it up for Stella's shelf in her room

I simply spray painted it white ( I have an obsession with spray painting everything lately) and then glued some gorgeous scrapbooking paper to the front . Voila!

Try it yourself!

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  1. I loved all your Christening decorations. Makes me want to have a party of some sort... But then I remember how much work that is. :-)
    Your babies are beautiful! I love those gummy grins! Makes me just a little bit, tiny little bit clucky - but don't tell anyone :-)
    Stella's S looks like a nice, simple craft to get some quick satisfaction - we like that! Have a great week.


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