Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dear Readers,
I am sorry I have been absent lately.
Things have been busy, chaos really.
But I promise to be a good girl now.
Lots to share.

Rightio, so , what has been happening?
A bit of partying! A combined 3rd Birthday Party for our Mothers Group at one of the girls houses.
We all had different jobs to do, their was a mini bouncy castle , a game, some swimming and some free play! They all had an absolute ball and got a present (bought by parents)

Patiently waiting for Serena to had out the pressies!

Stella opening her present, a Barbie doll head she can do the hair

The awesome cake made by Bella's Mum!

There has also been some playing and dressing of Gypsy, and some chilling out at home to calm the days and a bit of respite for Mother dearest.

Some cruising and walking!! Max is getting pretty clever!

Lots and lots of eating and snacking , by everyone, the favourite is still corn cruskits with vegemite and fruit!!

Some classic "tanti" chucking and losing it in utter exhaustion at the dinner table!

And then , at the same time, on the other side of the table, the sweet and cheeky smiles of precious Lacey!

And the new face she pulls when you ask her "Where's your teeth?", Lacey got all 4 top teeth at the same time, with no hassle at all! A very different teether than her Big brother!!

Some typical Max antics and mess, emptying 2 bags of feathers during craft time!! Argh!! I can tell what sort of kid he is going to be already!

Some more antics and playing with pegs! Who needs toys when there are so many pegs around?

I have lots more to share, but I am actually going for a cup of tea and a wee rest, Noel is away, and the kids  played the tandem game through the night, they must know Daddy isn't her! And who sleeps that well when their beloved is away anyway?
Not me!!


  1. Haha! I'm loving Lacey's big toothy grin, very cute!!

  2. Oh my that Lacey is a heart breaker ; )She is just devine

    Are those bricks in your walker ? LOL

  3. Yep, she is just beautiful!! Grins galore!
    And yes Jade, good old , unfashionable bricks! They make the walker heavier so when he pushes it , it doesn't just take off and he fall on his face. So much better!

  4. Such a great idea Liz I will remember that one !!


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