Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loved Up House

Wow!! What a massive few days weeks we have had in our house lately!! I am utterly exhausted! The body is packing it in and getting sick, and I can fall asleep sitting up on the couch!! Thats when you know you are tired! Noel went to Bunbury for the weekend playing Country Week Waterpolo, cos thats what he does, and I spent the weekend with a good friend and her beautiful family. Thanks Jess!
However, single parenting 3 little kiddies for nearly 4 days, bathing, feeding , changing , 3 kids in the car, pram down, 3 kids out of the car, pram up, packing bottles and snacks etc sure does takes its toll on a lone soldier Mummy!!! Its amazing how much of a routine we are in , and Noel and I just know what to do for each other and when, and it makes life so so much easier!! Max and Lacey did NOT like the porta cots, change in routine and therefore slept terribly, and that was BAD, BAD , BAD! Haha
Anyway, regardless , we had a great weekend, got some shopping done, a trip for mini putt, and some chilling out and free play for the kids! LOVE!
Next weekend I am having a sleep in and break for sure!! Noel owes me BIG TIME!

Anyway, on my trip to Perth, I happened to,  on purpose, stumble across Bed, Bath and Table and stocked up on some Easter goodies, that I can NOT wait to use, decorate and do, so I thought I had better show you our Valentines decorating and display before it is transformed into a eggy, bunny, citrus-y one!!

Remember when Stella and I do some Salt Dough goodies HERE ?? Well this is what we did with them ....

I have wanted the massively gorgeous stick tree from Bed, Bath and Table for some time now, but never had the spare money and then couldnt' justify spending it, so I was on the lookout for something special for our house. A few lovely ladies from my Playgroup told me about using these cactus flowers (found in droves down the beach ) just before Christmas , so I sent Noel on a hunting mission with a saw and he got a few for me, they were intended on being Christmas trees for our patio area but time got away with me and it never happened!! However, they were perfect for this. We just took a saw to the base, to make it the size we wanted, cut off the bottom branch to make it sit in the tin better then spray painted it with flat White paint.
A tin bucket from Bunnings and some sand in the bottom and voila!!

The Salt dough hearts were just painted with Stella's Poster paint and then I varnished them with a Kaiser Crafts clear gloss that comes in a tube next to all of the paints in Spotlight.
Some ribbon matching to the colours, red for red, pink for pink, and they look fantastic and Stella is so proud to see her artwork on show everyday!


Then there was our hallway display, very simply and not overcrowded.
A few glass jars, with lollies in red, pink and white ,and a tea cup with a red garland around it , that did hold Lollies but they were gobbled up pretty quick!!

The subway art in the white frame was a free download off the eighteen25 blog, and I had it printed as a 8 x 10 at a Photoshop. The colours are fantastic and I love it!! A red cushion souced from around the house and its a loved up entry way, but not too OTT!!

Sorry these pics are blurry, I didn't realise until afterwards, but I had a little helping grabbing my legs, hmmmmm not such great balance, thanks Max!

Noel is making me resist putting the Easter stuff up just yet, but I am dying too!!

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  1. oohh this is a gorgeous little photo shoot Liz. I adore your little tree and heart decos. Clever you. It's all so cute.


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