Monday, March 21, 2011

Valentines pressies

Now I know Valentines Day was over a month ago, but you may have noticed I am a wee bit behind on posts!! I even have people breathing down my neck !! haha Hi Daisy Girls!
Anyway, just wanted to share a few things that the man of the house (the big , hairy one, not the adorable chubby one) received!!
My good friend Rachel, from Wootwoo Designs is very very talented in the Graphic Art department and a few friends and I were lucky enough to have her create a print for us for V-Day.

These are the song lyrics for our Bridal Waltz at our wedding, and she has put them into a subway art print, that I just framed up in a Ribba Frame from Ikea (all hail Ikea)

Our Bridal Waltz was to Edwin Mcains - "I'll Be"- DEVINE!

And a cute little card made by moi!

He also got some boardies, and singlets but more because he needed them and I wanted to buy him something, than for a Valentines Present!

Hope you like them, and if you are interested in your own Subway art ( I am going to get one for the play room with rules on it) then feel free to contact Rachel , she is an absolute delight :)

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