Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crafting for Dad

A few weeks back, it was my darling husbands Birthday. He is not one for fuss, and gives the most boring Birthday lists you could ever imagine!! Think iTunes, iTunes, iTunes. Hmmm such a music mad man!

So, to celebrate this occasion and give a few special things to Daddy, we got busy. Max and Lacey are really enjoying participating in the colouring in and activities lately, not that they achieve much but thats half the fun!

We made cards;

And I multi tasked while they were colouring, I was folding washing and sorting into baskets, and no colouring session is complete without some snacks!

We also did some hand prints, to be used in a frame for Dad (will photograph the finished product in the morning)

And its safe to say that they were his favourite presents for the day!


 Stella also drew some portraits of her Dad!

His present loot


And my precious people on Daddy's Birthday!

One day, just one day, we will get a shot with everyone looking great ;)

To the best Dad and Husband in the world, I hope you had a great day xo

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