Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just like their Father!

Yep, the kids are just like their Dad. They LOVE food, and gobble anything and everything in sight!!
Hopefully they will share his body shape and build (but perhaps not his height, eeek).

SO, here I am , just sharing some Mummy moments , in our house, at meal time!

First up, you know those days that you think "My god, what am I going to feed the hungry hoards for Lunch" and its the day before food shop day. Baked beans , scrambled eggs and toast of course!!
Never lovers of baked beans in the past, I revisited them, with total success!!

How utterly cute but totally sad for Mum at the same time, that the twins like to feed themselves, especially Master Max!

Yummo, says Lacey, and every last bean and egg piece was gone!


Now I know this isn't a meal time, but these 2 little gorgeous faces are what wait for me every day , hanging around the kitchen for a snack, or lunch or anything!!! CUTE!

And a weekend treat in our house has definately become Pikelets. Made by Dad of course, and a little help from Stella along the way too!! Would you believe that the twins eat 4-5 decent sized pikelets in a sitting?! And on normal days 2-3 pieces of toast each with Jam?! No way, yes way! Oh dear!

And eating those said pieces of toast! All at the table, cute as buttons and real big kids now , boohoooo!

Only an obsessed mother would take this many pics of her kids eating?!
Crikey, am I "One of those Mothers already?" Hell yes!

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