Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So.. it has suddenly occured to me (purhaps over the past few years or so, we can't rush these things!!) that I hate photographs. Of myself that is, everyone else?! Yes I love them, have them everywhere, of me? Negative!!
Unless they have been taken by a professional, they always seem to be alot nicer, you know edited and stuff.

Right , so I hate photographs of myself, and DH isn't the best at using inituative and grabbing the camera either, me?! I am snap happy and have the nickname "Pappa" (aka paparazzi).
However, just because I hate photos of myself, doesn't mean my kids will hate them too.
Infact,probably the opposite. They will want to know what their Mum looked like when they were little.
What her hair was like, how frumpy she looked, what the clothes for the era were like, did we look like her when she was young?
And because of this new thought, we now have these;
Still no the best, the wrong position, and I feel and look like a big , fat ......... mumma, but there I am , late August, 2011, with the 3 most precious people in my life.


  1. so glad you are getting in front of the camera... I have ONE photo of my mum and me... better than none I suppose but I KNOW your kids will not see a fat, frumpy mumma... they will see THEIR gorgeous Mumma, lovin' on them! ;) By the way I think you look great... give yourself a break chick... look past the perceived imperfections and self criticism... see the "good stuff"... there is plenty of it from where I am sitting! ;)

  2. Great pics! LOVE the third one, definitely needs to be up and framed! :)

  3. I recently blogged about embracing the camera and the importance of it. Especially when you have kids.
    I know it's hard to want to be in photos, but in years to come you won't look at those images and thing, 'I look fat' 'I look tired' 'I wish it was taken on another angel'. You'll be too busy focused on how happy you look, or what's important about that moment. And you'll be grateful you have those moments.
    I always think, if I were taken today, what photos would my kids have to remember me by. It's a fair indication of whether you have enough or not.
    lovely photos by the way.

  4. I'm exactly the same - I HATE having my photo taken, but I know that if I don't have some photos taken of myself I will regret it in the future.

    How do I know this? Because I regret not having more photos of myself when I was younger.

    Just remember, we are always our own worst critic and other people will always see us in a whole lot better light than we see ourselves.

    Your photos are beautiful and don't let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise! xx

  5. Thanks girls, so comforting knowing everyone has the same worries, but for the kids, we have to put them aside I guess!
    Ahhh Mandy, I got inspired by your blog post, and couldn't remember which of my blogs I had seen it on,so will go back and add a link, so thankyou!

  6. I have only just came across your blog and from a random stranger who does not know you at all, smile you are beautiful.


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