Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fathers Day - Take One

I know it was a little while ago now , but the memory of Fathers Day is still fresh in my mind !! I'd like to say for a positive not, however, its just not the case, unfortunately!!
The Thursday before Fathers Day, we all woke as usual and Lacey was off her breakfast. Now this is a BIG thing for us, the little pocket rocket can put away 3 pieces of toast in the mornings, with Jam of course!! Seriously! Our 17 month olds eat more than I do!!
Anyway, turns out she had a virus , started with vomiting and ended with a chest and ear infection.
The virus swept through the whole family, Noel and I included , and it floored us!!
So unfortunately our plans for a yummy morning breakfast, gorgeous sunny picnic with my parents and dinner at the inlaws , were all cancelled and we just did as little as possible to survive the day.

The usual presents were excitedly passed over to Dad (sorry no pics, I was NOT feeling very good AT ALL) , some cards made by the kids, a book, a mini Clipper set, a Man smelly pack, chocolates. Little things, and some artwork of course!!

This year I had the joy of filling out this interview with Stella about her beloved Daddy. It proved to be rather difficult to find a good opportunity as Noel was home for most of the week with a badly sprained ankle from Football but we got there in the end!

Her answers were so entertaining and I couldnt' help but giggle the whole time!

We also did them for Poppy and Gramps. Classic

Thankyou so much for Bianca at A Little Delightful , for the awesome printables!!
They got laminated and our in prime position on our fridge!

We also had our small basket with books for Fathers Day out on display in the living area, and the kids took delight in them! ( And I printed some great subway art our seasonal frames at the front door , just to make the day a little more special!)

And the most valued part on Noels Fathers Day present, was the mug that Stella decorated at Playgroup! Such a hit and is used all the time!

Such unfortunate timing with our sickness and this special occasion, and I felt terrible for my Dad and Noel, but these things can't be helped and survival was the key for the weekend unfortunately!
We decided to recelebrate the following weekend, and had a ball!

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  1. Love!
    And love Stella's mug, how cute! The drawing is just awesome, too. The interview will be awesome to look back on in a few years won't it!?

    ps loving the robomaid - i am seriously thinking I need one! have you tried the mop function yet? what do you think?


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