Saturday, September 3, 2011

Growing Up

This week has been a bit different for us. So many things have thrown our normal routine out of whack and a real spanner in the works!
For a start, Noel badly rolled his ankle on Sunday during his football game and was in a bad way and off work for 3 days. Not good but the kids loved having him home and so did I :)
Then Thursday, Lacey woke up, and she was not well. She had had a bad night , up , down up down, and then she didn't eat her breakfast!! Thats when you know she is sick! Lacey can eat, and runs for the table when you say the words "Toast" or "Breakfast". But Thursday, nothing. Then she started vomiting. Nice. Not
Poor darling. So we had a day on the couch, the other 2 played and I cuddled, cleaned and patted. Thankfully by yesterday (Friday) arvo, she was feeling better and got her appetite back. So many random bugs around this season, I am over it!

So anyway, we ended up spending more time at home when Noel was off work. The kids were so happy playing  being at home for the days , playing with toys, in the sandpit, outside, so cute. But Stella must of grown up overnight, because all of a sudden, she likes to disappear, close her bedroom door and get out her precious Blythe Dolls and play. Without interruption, without her 2 little siblings ruining things and just like a big girl!
So quiet, SO SO GROWN UP! Sob sob

And it was too devine not to snap a shot of!
Where has my little baby girl gone?


  1. Somedays it feels like they grow up overnight :( My hubby is working away at the moment so he really notices the difference when he come home after 2 weeks.

  2. Ohhh its devastating!!
    Your husband would certainly notice Hayley!!


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